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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bagan Pinang By Election: Fight Clean, Pride And Dignity

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PAS/PR is facing the toughest fight here at Bagan Pinang and their winning streak after 8 by elections may end here. What we want is for PAS/PR to give it a clean fight and even if they were to lose, they will lose with pride and dignity.

Umno/bn, lead by Najib, had declared that they have to win this by election by hook or by crook and they will surely win it the crooked way. What can we say of a heavy baggage PM supporting and defending a corrupt candidate, each holding one another at ransom from their closet full of skeletons.

There is no point, in my opinion, for PAS to seek a court order to postpone the Bagan Pinang polls because of alleged postal voting irregularities. Knowing very well that the EC, judiciary, pdrm are beholden to umno, we already know the outcome what it will turn out to be. Why waste precious time, effort and money on a predicted fail cause. All these effort, time and money can be directed to the ground campaigning and ceramah and let the people decide. Maybe this is one of the way to fight in a political scenario which I may not be aware of.

The voters at Bagan Pinang are no longer fools but if they want to remain stupid there is nothing much we can do.

"1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" rhetoric is working the way Najib wanted it and that is to apply illogical reasoning to defend their corrupt way of running things. Corruptions within umno is only technical, racist and religious remarks by umno is alright because of ketuanan melayu while all the rest doing it will be ISA'ed or charged, simple as that.

PAS/PR must work on the people's sentiment, stirring their mindset not to be stupid just because ISA is well liked by the people even though he is found guilty of money politics (CORRUPTIONS).

Stay on course for a clean fight, friendly, humble and speak the truth. Let the voters decide, if you win, good and if you lose, at least you can still stand tall with dignity and pride. This way you can be more stronger to fight a bigger battle at the next GE.

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