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Monday, October 26, 2009

KPI Minister, My Feedback Suggestions No:6

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The government is seeking public feedback and ideas on ways to improve national unity and 1Malaysia.

When your children pass the examinations with flying colors at every semester, do you keep on pestering them to burn the midnight oil or go for more tuition classes? My guess is that you will reward them and will not push them any much further.

When you are healthy, no high blood pressure, no rheumatism, no cancer or any kind of sickness, do you keep on worrying, talk about it or the wanting to visit the doctor? Unless you are a hypochondriac, you will feel happy and enjoy your daily living with no thoughts of ill health inflicting upon you.

When you met with something bad, stricken with illness or failing your examinations, you will talk about it often and seek help. Its just natural for a human being to react to such situation.

Read the report below and use your little grey cells to find a reasoning why such statement was made.

Part of Raja Dr Nazrin Shah speech when opening the Judicial Colloquium on Human Rights as reported by The Malaysian Insider. Full text here.

He said the issues of justice could only be resolved with a fair hearing and impartial and consistent application of the law and it required great boldness.

“People will not always take kindly to decisions; and there will be opposing views, based, I suppose, on where one’s interests lie.

“As a result, we have today quite a number of social and political issues that, for one reason or another, become deadlocked and rendered virtually intractable,” he said.....

He added that the integrity, independence and impartiality of the courts were an absolute must, if they were to discharge their duties faithfully.

For the past few years, you have heard many talks about our judiciary from the Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin Shah. A father and son team who advocate for the integrity, independence and impartiality of the courts at every opportunity given, to voice it out, why?

It shows that our judiciary is very sick and it needs help. The father and son team saw it and realises how our judiciary is deviating from being independence and impartial to a monstrosity entity under the thumb of umno.

I know many are going to pounce on me regarding the Sultan and the Perak crisis. All talk and no walk situation. I am not here to argue about the wrong or right about the Perak crisis. The least is that their speeches indicated that something is very wrong with our judiciary, if there is nothing wrong, why do they keep harping on it.

This leads me to my Feedback Suggestions #6 for our KPI minister to ponder:

Overhaul the judiciary, let them be independent and free from political interference. Select the best team base on meritocracy to head the judiciary.

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