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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Malaysians Claim They Are No Longer Fools Yet Remain Stupid

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Fool - One who is destitute of reason or the common powers of understanding; an idiot; a person who acts absurdly, irrationally or unwisely; one who does not exercise his reason.

Stupid - To be astonished or struck senseless; Bereft of consciousness, sense, or feeling; devoid of understanding; possessed of dull gross folly; extremely dull of perception or understanding; nonsensical.

They are no longer fools after 308, and with the new found knowledge that they have the voting power, they became more bold to demand this and that, arrogant at times, sarcastic and conveniently assume that what they want, they will get. Yes, they are no longer fools but their reactions show that they are still stupid.

Kampong Buah Pala incident is a clear sign of their stupidity. Threatening, ridiculous demands, refuse to see what is right or wrong, easily manipulated. Each individual thinks that with a vote in his/her hand, he/she is in position to make demand without considering the overall effect it has on others. Evil umno is always on standby, if not having a hand in it, to seek opportunity to blow up any small issues.

The voters are blinded with their voting power and cannot comprehend how a State Government runs the State with little or no help from the Federal Government and to what extend the power it has. Of course, should the State Government is not performing with what is available to them, then it is the right of the voters to demand explanation.

They cannot see the bigger picture for a better future of a clean, efficient and trustworthy Government but easily swayed with promise of short term gratifications, "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" rhetoric and monetary incentives.

Malaysians had woken, so they claimed, after the GE 12 tsunami, that they are no longer fools. They had been provided and feed with the so call voting power. With this power they can just "slaughter and kill" politically anyone they like. With this power many are seeking for change.

I may be still a fool and stupid but what I can say is, if we are committed to do something, we must see to it that it must be accomplished, no matter what and not be distracted by dark evil forces who are preying on any little fault to convince you to change your mind.

UMNO/Barisan National or it would be more politically correct to just call it UMNO, have rule this country for over 50 years and we must agree that we have progress in materialism but digress in unity as Malaysians, a failed education system as well as the country's coffer getting lighter and lighter due to massive corruptions. In light of these, Malaysians claimed that they are no longer fools, hence creating the tsunami of the 12th GE.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for Malaysia with the emerging of Pakatan Rakyat. A two party system is in the making with the help of Malaysians who claim that they are no longer fools.

But can the two party system sees the light of the day when Malaysians who claim that they are no longer fools but yet still remain stupid?

From my point of view, Malaysia will remain as it is, that is, no unity, further deterioration of the education system, breeding more corrupt and arrogant leaders, all the institutions will remain loyal to the ruling party and scratching each other backs, cover ups of major corruptions, spewing more racist remarks and maintaining their ketuanan melayu mentality, should UMNO be allowed to hold on to power without any check and balance.

You can argue that Najib is now changing all that with his "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". After 6 months did we really see anything out of his "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". What we see are cosmetic changes on one hand while the other hand continues to allow the old patronage system to survive. What Najib is trying to do is "killing two birds with one stone" just like all his predecessors, baiting for votes from both the malays and non malays.

Did Najib provide any guarantee that once he gets all your votes and when UMNO regain its strength Pre-12th GE, UMNO will always remain humble towards all races, incorruptible, free all the institutions to allow them to perform their duties without fear or favor and all Malaysians are equal under his 1Malaysia? I doubt the guarantee will ever come.

Pakatan Rakyat are facing a lot of problems, internally and externally. Pray tell me which party does not face any problem, is UMNO free of problem, is MCA, MIC, Gerakan or any of BN component parties not facing any problems?

Pakatan Rakyat are run by human beings too, just like any other party and they are also prone to certain gratification depending on each individual mindset and their level of weaknesses. They can also make mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally depending on the circumstances of events. Voters are so easily swayed and with the voting powers in their hands they can issue threats to bring down the state government of the day. Yes, they are no longer fools but they still want to remain stupid.

I am not condoning any wrong doing or mismanagement by Pakatan Rakyat leaders. They need to be told and reprimanded and be given the chance to make amend. Issues after issues are emerging from the State Governments under Pakatan Rakyat, we must ask the question why. Are the issues originated from previous government, sabotage by infiltrated oppositions, purposely creating false accusations and dramas to create instability?

We had seen what kind of destruction that UMNO can inflict upon us after being in power for over 50 years and we will remain bondage scavengers if we continue to allow UMNO to remain in power.

We must remain focus and true to our commitment for change to see that UMNO is defeated and brought down to its knees. UMNO will always remain corrupt, racist and arrogant if they are not brought down to earth but allow to remain in power. The latest example is the selection of candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election and how the high IQ umno minister defended the candidate who was found guilty of money politic and not forgetting how he also defended the "cow head" incident.

Pakatan Rakyat, although facing many obstacles placed by UMNO, are still running their controlled States quite efficiently albeit some thorny issues which reflect some of their hindsight decision making. Those that are caught in between the thorny issues can vent their angers and frustrations at their State Government but using their voting power to issue threats to bring down the State Government is a sign of stupidity. What I can see from the thorny issues are old issues from the previous government and certain issues created within PR are agents implanted by the oppositions who are so obsessed with power in trying to overthrow Pakatan Rakyat control States.

Yes, I may be a fool and stupid, but my commitment is still to see a real change of Federal Government for a better future. (Berubah Untuk Harapan Baru)


  1. A very well written piece Richard. Probably the best yet since I started following your blog. Well done!

  2. I will be honest that I may even think to follow this blog, I find it interesting, especially the part of deteriorating education system. Again I point out that an "uneducated or misinformed or inproperly educated" population QUESTION NOT the master/feeder in this case the current ruling government. As for problems, everyone has it,every organization has it, its how you deal with it. Greed is the word we can use here, and the sorts of ketuanan melayu or whichever crap they wish to brand as "gold" or "the savvy way to go" is infact a smokescreen, now i sound like a conspiracy theorist. To be honest,it doesnt matter what ever lordship or ketuanan they make... THESE are the ONLY things which serves their "group" or the so call elitists/Ruling class or in the miedieval times..its "aristocrats". I've had very good friends with ppl who are not Malaysia and they think that Malaysia is very lucky to be blessed with so much natural resources, one german guy even said germany ecomony practicaly run on their technologies they researched. This is achieved by a very good education system which in turn will produce (for most parts) thinkers, and with thinking ppl around, ppl question and ppl demand better health care and such. This in term translate to the high taxes they pay and again they do get their moneys worth because they question their "wakil rakyat" and government if something is wrong. Of course no country can achieve the ultimate utopian society, but several social states they call in or country that practices these are indeed "strong" as you may say. and no I do not condone or support communism,but I do beleive in a form of social rights to be inplace. I am hopeful malaysia will reach this stage...not in my life time but maybe my children's lifetime. (I am still young haha). What we really need are thinkers that arent afraid to tell the world and show them. I love Malaysia,and will continue on loving Malaysia but I am very sorry to say that its government do not love me... :(

    Either side of the political camps better do something,lest beloved Malaysia lies in ruin. With that said, I remain very neutral, I do not wish to associate msyelf with any faction, I will only vote and believe in the wakil rakyat which I am certain that can person, whoever is reading this and to what ever faction you belong to, I am one of many voters who think a like, do not disappoint us. Lead on. :)


  3. Malaysians have very high standard for Pakatan and very low expectation for BN.

    After they vote in Pakatan, they expect things beyond Pakatan's power. I heard a voter asking Pakatan to abolish toll concessions in Selangor (???)

    Then again Pakatan has not delivered much to the Indian communities and the constant squabbles alarm voters who are used to preceived harmony within BN, when actually it is all about u scratch mine I scratch yours or U Must No Object kind of harmony

    people hammer Pakatan more for Kampung Buah Pala than praise them for Usia Emas, Tawas, fund allocation for all schools, eradication of hard core poverty

    there were some grateful Buah Pala residents and some unhappy ones and we only have the voices of the unhappy ones. In Bagan Pinang, Pakatan have some flyers airing the voices of the grateful lot but this is not heard elsewhere, not that I know of.

    Najib's popularity comes from releasing a few Indians who were not supposed to be detained anyway. (never mind about Kugan)

    giving 1Malaysia and unit trust year after year but I wonder if there is any likeness to a Ponzi scheme. Hope I am dead wrong otherwise it will be a grand financial tsunami and impact would be wider than Enron.

    Lee Wee Tak



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