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Thursday, October 22, 2009

KPI Minister, My Feedback Suggestions No:4

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The government is seeking public feedback and ideas on ways to improve national unity and 1Malaysia.

What better way to promote unity and 1Malaysia other than through the MSM. But can the MSM do their part with the press and printing act hanging over their heads? You cannot have unity by just talking about it or screening multi racial mixing footages by film negara on TV stations or the PM shouting about it when actual actions and the truth are not disseminated at the ground level.

What we read from the MSM, offers different views from different language newspapers to cater for the different races. Political parties owned MSM will have to abide by their political masters order on what to print. While the leader is preaching about unity, the MSM is loosen to champion the causes of their own race. Truth that are harmful to the leaders must not be told or spin it so that the actual truth need not be revealed.

When the truth are suppressed or spin by the MSM to make their political leaders happy, it will make the people feel angry and agitated when they find out from other sources. Even now, the other sources like the internet is going to be tightly controlled.

There are enough laws to reign in those who write or print, slanderous, malicious, false, security threat, hatreds, and seditious statements or articles, why the need to have the press and printing act. The purpose of the press and printing act, from what we see, is to use it against those who published the actual truth about the government misdeeds, opposition parties and matters that the government do not like the public to know about.

My feedback and suggestions #4 to the KPI minister is to repeal the press and printing act and set free the MSM from political parties control and ownership.

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1 comment:

  1. If I may be allowed to add to your suggestion no.4, if the KPI minister cannot bring about reforms to the mass media, then at least make it compulsory for such MSM to at least allocate a small section to carry news and information carried by the alternative media.

    That would be a start and at least a step towards providing all Malaysians equal access to information!

    Only dictatorships would deny information to it's citizenry to make informed choices based on real and relevant information



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