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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sarawak Sibu P212 By Election - Hard Talk 8

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Update: Just read the news from Malaysiakini that the "Controversial May 13 rally has been postponed indefinitely". ???

I am saying it LOUD and CLEAR - Under UMNO/BN rule Malaysia has only one direction and that is down the hill and into the drain.

Umno/bn Najib has nothing good to offer the rakyat except to bribe his way through to win by elections or general elections. How far has the PM "1Malaysia" get on with Malaysians, not far and had been buried by his own party leaders.

The PM is playing a very risky and dangerous game. His silence on the plans by a non-governmental organisation to hold a mammoth rally in Terengganu to 'awaken the Malay race' on May 13 is another sign of his weakness to act on his "1Malaysia" slogan. His silence means consent for the rally to go ahead and to provoke other races.

Having to avoid the controversial "Allah" banned by his party, he is now play acting to show his tolerant of other religions by visiting churches and temples. What a hypocrite for such a 1 Desperate & 1 Confused Prime Minister Of 1Malaysia

Umno Najib knows the Chinese likes to gamble, and everyone knows that gambling is bad socially and morally and will affect the non malays only because it is illegal for the malays to gamble. The PM wanted to increase the criminal rates among the non malays and destroy Chinese families due to gambling debts, turning to criminal acts, committing suicides and other social ills. In order to achieve his aim he proceed to "According to Sin Chew Daily, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also Finance Minister, yesterday issued a betting license to the Berjaya Group."

Sibu voters, you may be happy to see the PM visiting you, distributing goodies and development funds, which you must bear in mind, the money spent are your money. Have you ever question why there are no goodies and development funds on a regular basis and only when there is a by election?

Please be reminded there is no issue with PAS, Peninsular Chinese had already accepted PAS and the question of PAS going to turn Malaysia into an Islamic State does not arise because Umno/bn including SUPP had accepted umno's declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic State on 29th September 2001.

Sibu voters, umno Najib will continue to lie to you to get your votes. Just ask him how you were treated for the past 47 years, all kind of promises never fulfilled. We are treated as second class citizen, are pendatang and prostitutes according to umno's leaders. Najib and his party leaders would not dare to declare themselves as a Malaysian first but they are proud to claim they are a Malay first.

Malaysia needs to change and there can be no change if you keep on believing all the lies by umno Najib. Today, midway through election campaigning, the odds are still favoring umno to win this by election. The choice is yours, for a better future or a black future.

You cannot be wrong by voting PR/DAP but if you allow umno to remain in power there cannot be any bright future for Malaysia, only bleak and dark future.

PR/DAP is not 100% perfect but is surely 100% better than umno. BN exist in name only, all the component parties including SUPP are just umno's puppets without any power.


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