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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poll: What Is Your Opinion Of Umno's Constant Threat Of Another May 13?

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As I had written on my last posting 1 Desperate & 1 Confused Prime Minister Of 1Malaysia, umno has nothing more to offer Malaysians except by buying them over with money or by threat.

The Prime Minister calls are not worth even two cents. His 1Malaysia met with objection all round with his Deputy claiming to be a Malay First rather than a Malaysian First. His top aid (resigned or sacked) claiming that Indians are beggars and the Chinese are prostitutes while launching, oh my God, one of the Prime Minister 1Malaysia program.

Just two days ago Najib tells Umno leaders to mix with other races, and the response today by umno leaders in Penang State Assembly,

"warned that there would be a repeat of the May 13 riots". Azhar also accused Lim of being anti-Malay and anti-Islamic for his attacks against Umno and Prime Minister Najib Razak.

"This is an insult to the Malays, don't you think that there will be no Malay gangsters, or the Barisan Tiga silat group, who will come here and teach those who utter these words a lesson?" he threatened.

Najib must reign in all these blood thirsty umno leaders or no non malays will ever dare to mix with them.

May 13 is like a war cry to umno and they will not miss an opportunity to raise it, thinking that they can frighten the non malays into submission.

We will let the people judge. I had placed a poll at the top page, please vote.

What Is Your Opinion Of Umno's Constant Threat Of Another May 13?

1)I am afraid and will vote for Umno/bn

2)If they want it, we are ready for it

3)Their threat convince me more to vote Pakatan Rakyat

4)May 13 meant nothing to me


  1. I would love to nuke this country. Blast it back to the stone age.

  2. There is no more love in me for this country. I do not feel anything for it.

  3. BRING IT ON!! Nobody got fooled the first time. UMNO just kept talking like they fooled people because they could not handle the truth. Lets see if they can handle the truth now

  4. umno survives on 'divide and rulr', If they cannot divide, they cannot rule. simple as that - that is what the mahashit is saying today.

  5. Dumbo umNO tried to create such a situation from last year through the cowhead incident, the firebombing of churches,boars head in the mosque compound, perkasa rhethorics, Allah issue etc. These came to nought because the rakyat generally have no inclination to violence or to appove racist bigotry. I suspect these were done to bring about civil commotion, rioting and whatnot in order to wrest Selangor back from PR.They are still trying so be watchful.I have no desire to seek refuge in a safer country like Zimbabwe or Afghanistan. Sheesh.

  6. Their threat convince more rakyat to vote Pakatan Rakyat or other opposition party.

  7. It is soooo sad that some people still live in stone age but yet are considered leaders of the country. It is even sadder to have a former prime minister who held office for 22 years screaming "Malay versus Chinese" recently ... and after 50 years of independence ... he's not even a full bred Malay or Chinese. It is the most poisonous venom that be spewed out by man.

  8. There will never be another MAY 13 version II!
    Just mark my words. Why?

    This is 2010 not 1969; now with the proliferation of new media-Internet, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, travel superfast from one corner of the globe to another.

    Thus if the ultras initiate another May 13 to slaugher the Chinese they have face the wrath of ..

    i) CHINA
    Militarily and Economically China is super Powerful in this Asian sphere. Do you think the Mainland Chinese will stand IDLE if it happens? Malaysia badly need to trade with China but China can bypass Malaysia. China is Malaysia No...? trading partner?


    Also the economically rich & powerful Chinese Dispora, do you believe that they will practise hands-off if that happens?
    Starting yesterday, Chinese from more than 30 countries & territories gather in S'pore to discuss issues concerning the CHINESE Dispora. This is a 3 day conference. It includes representative from Malaysia Chinese community.

    Just these two entities above should send the Ahmad Ismails & Ibrahim Alis to prostrate and apologise to the Chinese race at large.

  9. So pity, mainland chinese a.k.a. People's Liberation Army will not take any action towards malaysia. remember the May 13-15 riots in Jakarta, Indonesia, there were mass rapes of ethnic Chinese women who range in age from 10 to 55. Until now, there are no action taken from Mainland Chinese...



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