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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be Wary Of Promises Made By Najib- Updated

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Update: Najib should look at the mirror first before he vilified Anwar. Anwar is not the PM yet so there is no way to judge on what he promises. Najib is the PM and we can see what kind of PM he is through his flip flopping ways and his promises of running this country.

Just read this report Najib says yet to confirm NEM and see how he wriggles and flip flop out of his promises.

Talking about promises, what kind of promises is Najib talking about? Is his way of "You Help Me, I Help You" type of promise, where the promise can be rescinded if you do not vote for him considered a promise by the PM?

The public must evaluate wisely every promise made by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, because the Umno President merely wants to achieve his ambition to stay in power and his party Umno to rule forever.

The public must recall the big lie made by Najib when he spread the word that 1Malaysia is to unite all as Malaysian First and race second but he agrees with his deputy that the Malays must come First. Today Najib is facing electoral defeat and he wanted to be closed to the non malays especially the Chinese while conveniently forgetting the time when he joined the protest that called for the keris to flow with Chinese blood.

The "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" is perceived to be a political gimmick by Najib in an effort to regain the support of the Chinese community and non malays.

The people must be careful because Najib's promises may not be necessarily fulfilled. Sometimes he says something to the Malays, while telling the Chinese something else.

It’s up to the people. What’s important is that the people cannot accept every promise wholesale because Najib knows that he cannot fulfil them all.

The public should also realised that Najib is losing influence among the non malays, especially the Chinese and his coalition partners are in tatter.

The above is my response to Najib's call to the public to be wary of promises made by Anwar. You can read the report here.

Yes Mr. Prime Minister, we are very wary of Anwar but we are also very wary about you and umno. Have you and umno/bn kept all your promises since ruling for 53 years? Even you cannot make good your "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" rhetoric. So please do not try to be smarter than the rakyat...OK....

1 comment:

  1. Things are hotting up by the day, and Najib will be in trouble if he is unable to handle his own people well.
    He is definitely NOT a good poker player, and he will lose everything in no time. He is also not smart enough (compare to the snake who rule for 22 years).
    The way he deals with major matters, like the Sibu by-election where he attempted to bribe the people, is viewed as a desperate attempt to boost his own image.
    When a leader is obsessed with such kind of thinking, it will not be long before he succumb to his own poison.
    He may go down in history to become the first PM to be charged in court for corruption.



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