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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1 Desperate & 1 Confused Prime Minister Of 1Malaysia

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Searching for the details of the "Prime Minister oaths taking" comes to nought, thus my own summary of the Prime Minister primary duty is to serve the King, Country and Rakyat. He had taken the oath to perform his solemn duty as the Prime Minister in front of the King and beamed by live telecast throughout the country. Is it that hard to fulfill the oath taken?

It is not that hard for a Prime Minister to fulfill the oath taken if he is a man with integrity, honesty and sincerity. But when a Prime Minister starts to involve his own political party and at times family members into running his premiership, then it is a cause for concern.

When a Prime Minister feels insecure of his position, he becomes desperate and confused. His sense of direction is impeded with the fear that others within his circle are clamouring and stabbing him from behind to dislodge his premiership. The uprising of the rakyat in the 12th GE tsunami indicates the hatred and distrust of his party and with visible signs indicating the fall of his party comes the 13th GE.

In order to enhance and protect his position, the Prime Minister has to spend most of his time concentrating on political matters instead of performing his duty as the Prime Minister. He has to pacify his own members, Ministers and malay NGOs over his national policies which are not readily accepted, plotting to overthrow States under the opposition rules, attending by elections ceramahs, using all his available power to discredit the growing strength of the oppositions including using the western media to chide the opposition leader.

A desperate Prime Minister, alleged to be carrying baggages, needs desperate move, thus, engaging a foreign PR to uplift his image without any concern at all by spending RM 77 millions plus more to come of the public fund.

Creating a "1Malaysia" which the Prime Minister described as,

“to make Malaysia ….a greater nation: a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second and where the principles of 1Malaysia are woven into the economic, political and social fabric of society”

but back down on his own policy to support his Deputy's objection, claiming that Malay is always first and everything else second. Does this not show how desperate and confused the Prime Minister is?

Getting the foreign PR to lobby for a meet with President Obama, which a minister acknowledged paying a whopping US$24,207,158 (RM76,820,653) but making a U-turn, (the norm by Malaysian leaders), a week later denying any money spent in securing the meet.

The Prime Minister got bold by claiming that he is equals to President Obama. If the claim by the Prime Minister is true, then, he must also be the most powerful leader on earth, other countries will lobby to meet him and Malaysia is now in the G8 league with veto power. How desperate and confused can a man be to claim what he is not. And to add to his desperation and confusion, his wife is now the "First Lady" side stepping the Agong's wife, the rightful "First Lady", if there is any such title in Malaysia.

Back home, the Prime Minister gets more desperate and confused. With questionable performances by the pdrm, macc, judiciary and his ministers contradicting his policies, the Prime Minister "1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme" (GTP) and NEM are now hanging in limbo.

What the Prime Minister is trying to do now in order to salvage his political future and his own party is by throwing money around using "the public fund". He talks about eliminating corruptions and entrusted upon the MACC to work on it but he takes a different route from his talk. He knows the MACC and EC will not dare to touch him when he offered brides to the voters at the Hulu Selangor by election. "If BN wins this by election, you can come to my office tomorrow to collect the check, if lost, no need to come".

The Prime Minister wanted to be fair, transparent and accountable to the public but he is not willing to abolish the OSA. He call for a free press but he is not willing to abolish the Printing Presses and Publications Act instead allowing his family members to interfere in the media.

The slogans, rhetoric speeches, walk about by the Prime Minister since taking over the premiership a year ago are signs of fear, desperation and confusion. The Prime Minister is now in a "taking a desperate confusing actions for fear of losing power" state of mind.

What prompted me to write this posting is the Prime Minister's latest desperate and confused statement as reported by Malaysiakini:

Najib tells Umno leaders to mix with other races

Barisan Nasional chairperson Najib Abdul Razak has ordered all BN leaders to attend activities organised by races other than their own in order to win support for the coalition....

The Prime Minister has yet to put his own house in order before asking his umno leaders to mix with other races. The Prime Minister is talking as if he does not know the reasons why the non malays are abandoning umno/bn in drove.

How can umno leaders mix with other races when they insisted on the following:

They are Malay first

They are the Ketuanan Melayu, others are pendatang, beggars and prostitutes

NEP is to protect Malay rights

In collusion with racist malay NGO

Questioning the non malays right to the economy, educations, non malays are ungrateful and making other unsavoury statements.

Can the Prime Minister enact a law forbidding all kind of racism and abide by his 1Malaysia policy of every Malaysians are Malaysian First. Revamp the NEP to protect those Malays who are genuinely poor and in need of help.

The Prime Minister has not taken any serious look into how some of his leaders are so wealthy or whether any of them are corrupted. This I can say will not take place unless the Prime Minister himself has nothing to hide.

Spending millions upon millions to coax the voters back to umno/bn folds can only work with some gullible fence sitters and on a short term basis only. This cannot be termed as successful.

Only when the hardcore opposition supporters return to umno/bn can it be considered a success. In order to achieve that, the Prime Minister must be brave enough to implement genuine policies that are fair to all Malaysians and a revamped NEP for all poor Malaysians. Separation of powers for the PDRM, MACC and Judiciary, with man of integrity and honestly helm the top positions.

At the present moment, the Prime Minister is still thinking that he can buy over the voters, using his party owned media and the racist malay NGO to spread lies and fear over race and religion including singing the same old tune of May 13. How long can these actions last?

1 comment:

  1. There is only 5 to 7% place for non-muslims in govt as what the plan been charted SINCE mahatirs stired up up lousy 2020 plan of racism.
    Its already 93%govt jobs, 95%military, 95% tertiary edu.,92% doctors and nurses, 91%teachers, and many are over 90% dominated by muslims are the situation is critical and damaging all non-muslims next generations.
    There is chances that next non-muslims generations will be slave to these 2020 masterplan with Nep govt tenders also marginalised by muslims racist umno.
    Non-muslims are desperate now for their next generations future, either they will be having no economical power or profesional jobs or both with no govt jobs to fit in also.
    Now who is desperate, they are only acting like desperate but the truth iis they had made progress way above our imaginations in long term plans and developments.
    For your info all politechnics will be served degree programs starting next year so 98% are muslims and the quantity is aboove 150,000 degree holders making an attempt in national domination. Its a shame we get diverted and choose muslims as non-muslims had been terribly damaged in their future in 2m'sia.



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