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Sunday, May 23, 2010

MACC Opens File On Najib's "You Help Me, I Help You" Remark

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MACC had opened many files on high profile corruption cases but many files did not see the light of the day while others were thrown out by the AG.

Whenever I read that MACC had opened a file, especially for those walking the corridors of power, I will always be on the lookout for this part of MACC statement:

“After an investigation, whether or not there is a case... depends on the Attorney-General’s office”

And on whose side do you think that the Attorney General will stand with, the MACC that brought the charges or the high profile personality that was charged?

Within an hour of the report that "MACC is to investigate Najib's" was out, there are hundreds of comments in the blogsphere giving their verdicts or outcome of the investigation.

Selecting a few for your Sunday laughter.

Great joke of the year

Anyone willing to lay a bet? Nothing will happen

Great News but nothing will come of it, because this is to shut the issue once and for all

First thing I wish to know is whether the MACC knows their job or not?

I'll eat my shoe if anything comes out of this investigation. Who are you fooling MACC? A bunch of kids?

Another sandiwara

Seriously, are we to believe to MACC is going to take action against their boss, Mr .Najib

Another nauseating Drama Minggu Ini

Everyone knows the forgone conclusion! This is just to pre-empt further raising the issue again if 'unresolved'!

MACC, will find the right clause in the legal loophole to pull this stunt off!

Another charade taking place under our very eyes

Even there is a case for Najib, the AG will never, ever charge his boss for corruption

Way to go , MACC. Thanks for humouring us Rakyat

MACC; Malaysia Acting & Comedy Centre

MACC don't waste your time

Too many a time the public has been hoodwinked by such sensation headlines only to see it reduced to nothing

For those who is hoping that Najib will be found in the wrong, there is only one word to describe your hope - STUPID

By the time they uncover all the evidence, it will all add up to NFA - No Further Action

Want more, go to Malaysiakini.

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