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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sarawak Sibu P212 By Election - Hard Talk 3

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Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein last night urged Malaysians to defend and not demonise the police force, now under increasing public pressure to reform after the two recent shootings of teenagers.......

“We need people who are given trust to be responsible for it but not be dictated by the politics of the day or the flavour of the month. These institutions are going to be here longer than the politicians,” said Hishammuddin, whose father Tun Hussein Onn was the country’s third prime minister. Full report here.
Do you still want such a leader having to fly to a far distant land to demonise the rakyat. The rakyat is matured enough, when to give credit and when to attack any wrong doing. This home minister had gone gaga and seems not to be able to function and talk in a proper and right manner. This is one of the sick culture breeding inside umno's circle of racist, arrogant and corrupt leaders.

How can the public trust and support the police force when they are trigger happy, death under detention, corruptions, refuse to take any action against umno/bn members when they broke the law but is quick to fire tear gas, chemical added water cannon against peaceful rallies and candle light vigils, simply arrest for shouting Najib..Altantuya, wearing black or orange T-shirt and just about anything that the public are against umno/bn...etc...

All these bias actions by the police force and this gaga home minister dares to preach to the public "We need people who are given trust to be responsible for it but not be dictated by the politics of the day or the flavour of the month."

This gaga home minister pretends to forget how he defended the most racist and seditious cow head protesters where not a single protester was arrested or detained by the police during the protest.

Voters of Sibu, Malaysia is now very sick, a very contagious sickness of corruptions, racist, power crazy, arrogant, dictatorial and on the way to become a police state. You can feel and see these sicknesses this week in Sibu. Money and goodies pouring in to bribe you for your votes and the police force will simply arrest anyone talking about Altantuya or say anything not to the liking of umno.

Voters of Sibu, you all need to send a clear signal to umno that we do not want a corrupt dictator or a police state to rule this country.

You cannot be wrong by voting PR/DAP but if you allow umno to remain in power there cannot be any bright future for Malaysia.

PR/DAP is not 100% perfect but is surely 100% better than umno. BN exist in name only, all the component parties including SUPP are just umno's puppets without any power.


Sarawak Sibu P212 By Election - Hard Talk 1, 2

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