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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Ordered The Murder Of Altantuya?

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Why is there no more talk about the murder case of Altantuya? Has the government placed a banning order to stop anyone from talking or even mention the name of Mongolian Altantuya? Everyone including the medias are more preoccupied with the Perak crisis and why is that so?

Who gains by prolonging the Perak fiasco, of course najib. He has to sacrifice zambry/umno Perak in order to cover himself from further speculation of his involvement in the Altantuya murder case, the commission from the military hardware purchases, the PKFZ fiasco, Penanti by-election and many other issues. Yes, everyone is putting their heart and souls on the Perak crisis and seems to lose track of his many follies.

What a clever way to divert attention from the many baggages that he is carrying. He knows very well that he has a very slim chance of winning if fresh election is call. Why not allow it to drag on till the next GE whereby he still got about 3 years to plan and plot evil ways to win it back.

Today he came out yet again another stupid statement:

From Malaysian Insider:

Najib also said that he was not in the position to decide on the dissolution of the Perak state assembly and it was the Sultan’s prerogative to do so.

“It should not be for me to decide. It should be for the Sultan to decide. It is the judgment of the Sultan,” he concluded.

If the MB did not seek the Sultan for consent on the dissolution, can the Sultan act on his own to call for the dissolution. Is this what najib trying to say, that the Sultan can dissolve the state assembly anytime he wants without the MB request? Why push it to the Sultan, just tell us truthfully that you do not want to dissolve the state assembly and want to hold on to power even if it is illegal and its a great way to divert attention from your many follies.

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