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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mandela Gandhi Zambry Assured Of The MB Crown

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In Malaysia, when you are pro-opposition try not to meet your opponent, i.e umno najib, in court battle. Even before you can appoint a legal advisor, you are already handicapped with both hands and one leg missing. You are left with only one leg to hop into court. Your opponent has the fighter jets, submarines, c4 and all the machine guns in the form of the judiciary to blast you to kingdom come. Your chances of winning a case against umno najib is less then 10%.

Even if you do not go to court, just living a normal life, you are subjected to the wrath of umno najib. The institutions under his control are at all times waiting for his instruction to inflict the scare syndrome upon you. You can be arrested for wearing wrong color shirt, holding candles, having your breakfast or cycling.

We can just take a look at the Perak fiasco to see the injustice inflicted upon those who oppose umno najib. How the people were subjected to unreasonable arrest, elected aduns being lock out of the secretariat, assembly sitting held under a rain tree, speaker forcefully dragged away, pepper spray disguising as key chain/pen drive, and suspected gun being brought into the assembly. There are many more disgusting acts which you can find on the net, mostly not reveal in your local news media.

There are many cases regarding the Perak fiasco that are being challenged in court and you can see the number of verdicts in favor of umno najib while the opposition only manage to get one verdict in favor and that also had being taken away by a 'stay order' with super speed by the appeal court.

The appeal by Nizar to set aside the stay order has now been pushed back to May 21, instead of May 18 to coincide with the hearing of zambry's appeal against the May 11 High Court order that declared Nizar as the lawful Perak menteri besar.

Take a look at your crystal ball and see what is going to happen that day. If you are truly a Malaysian you should by now be accustomed with our legal system under the thumb of umno najib, and able to gauge what the verdict would be.

Either one of these will happen on May 21.

1)First scenario, umno najib giving up the fight (unlikely to happen)

In order to save face and admit his wrong doing, umno najib's court will turn down zambry's appeal and agree with the high court decision that Nizar is the rightful MB. umno najib knows very well that Nizar will seek to dissolve the Perak State Assembly if he wins the appeal. This will allows umno najib to give up the fight without him having the burden to dissolve the State Assembly.

2)Second scenario, umno najib taking the risk to hang on to power (a more likely decision).

umno najib still insist that he wants to hold on to power in Perak. umno najib's court will overturn the high court decision that Nizar is the rightful MB and proclaim that Mandela Gandhi zambry is the rightful MB. With this declaration, umno najib will quickly call for an emergency sitting and vote Nizar out. Yes, Nizar can appeal but umno najib's court will make sure to set a very distance date for the appeal.

The above scenarios will not happen if Sultan Azlan Shah calls for the dissolution before May 21. Perakians and all Malaysians can only hope and pray that the Sultan will call for the dissolution.

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