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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Umno/bn The Loser And Soon To Be Opposition

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umno najib can say what he wants about not contesting in the Penanti by-election but the people are telling him that it is because he fears another lost. umno najib is now acting like the opposition, not going into by-elections knowing very well that they will lose. From what I see in all the past 12 general elections and many by-elections, only the oppositions will not contest in any constituency that they were not confident of winning. It looks like umno/bn is losing ground to act like an opposition and if they are not careful they will become a full pledged opposition at Federal level soon.

The very same reason, for fear of losing is the Perak fiasco, created by umno najib's immoral, unethical, undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab. All angles of argument were pointing at what umno najib did was wrong, even from TM and Tunku Razaleigh, and the only way to resolve this umno najib's fiasco is to call for fresh election. Instead of doing the right thing, now umno najib is blaming everyone else for his own failed Coup d'etat but himself and still insist to hold on to power.

From the fear of losing in a fresh election, self pride, arrogant and continuing with his call for "People First, Performance Now" (without himself realizing that he is acting just the opposite "najib first, najib now") he will ensure that Perak will remain under his control, at least till the next GE.

His statement that he will not hold direct talks with Pakatan Rakyat until the appeal court decision on the 21st May indicates very clearly that he is confidence of winning the judgement in his favor.

Will our judiciary truly stays independent and not sway by powerful hidden hands to manipulate the appeal judgement. With all the cases so far on the Perak fiasco, we can come to an easy conclusion that justice will not be served rightly and fairly.

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