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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perak Now Under An Illegitimate Government

Speaker Siva Being Forcefully Drag Away

najib finally has what he wanted, by hook or by crook. Tomorrow, umno/bn control medias will splash over the front page, "bn BIG win in Perak tussle" with a big picture of najib laughing with joy.

Can he now really claim that he has the right and power to do what he wanted. Is this his way of showing and proving that his illegal, immoral and unconstitutional power grab of Perak is in line with his "1Malaysia", "People First, Performance Now" rhetoric.

Can he claim that there is no interference from the judiciary and the police on his illegal, immoral and unconstitutional power grab of Perak.

What better way to describe our judiciary, constitutional monarchy and the police by reading what Malaysia Insider had written:

Impact on judiciary: It is a sad day that even before a court makes a decision, the public have discounted the impartiality of the panel. But this appears to be the case in Malaysia today. Such is the cynicism and scepticism here today that more attention is paid to the composition of the Federal Court than the legal arguments made in the Palace of Justice.

That is what happens when decisions by illustrious and respected judges on the doctrine of separation of powers is ignored. This is what happens when Article 72 of the Federal Constitution (which puts matters in the legislative assembly beyond the scrutiny of the courts) is treated like a footnote.

Constitutional monarchy: One single incident has turned one of Malaysia’s most beloved families into villains. Instead of dissolving the assembly at the urging of Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak did the unthinkable — he asked Nizar to resign and installed BN as the new state government. By doing so, he refused to recognise that it is the right of Perakians to decide who represents them. He said recently that the Malay Rulers were above politics. Sadly, many Malaysians do not view the constitutional monarchy as honest brokers today.

Police: Crime appears to be spiralling out of control in Malaysia, snatch theft victims are dying on the streets and the men in blue seem more interested in enforcing a dress code and arresting social activists and politicians on lame-duck sedition charges. Really, the reputation of the Royal Malaysian Police takes a beating every time they forget that their duty is to serve the Malaysian public. But still they persist in acting in a manner which alienates the same people who are paying their salaries.


  1. We will soon see another legal case of Illegal Speaker (wats his name??) vs Legal Speaker , Siva soon in court.

    Rakyat now witness how an illegal speaker been installed.
    Also witness....midget deputy tunjuk belang after long gone hiding becoz felt sin after taking perks.

    Anoyed Rakyat Perak

  2. Glad that some pictures got taken, otherwise people might not know the severity of today's sham assembly!



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