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Friday, May 29, 2009

PKFZ Report Released, Will Other Scandal Reports Be Released As Well

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Umno/bn, especially OTK were so proud, thrill and happy that the PKFZ report was released claiming that the government is transparent and have nothing to hide. From my point of view there is nothing to be happy about and being Malaysia Boleh, we also know that the so call transparency will not be that transparent and a lot of things are going to be swept under the carpet.

The first question is, why the long delay in releasing the PKFZ report? When the report is ready, I am sure, umno/bn and OTK must have the privy to read them first. They saw the problem (or major scandal issues) and need time to cover all the bases and be prepared for the onslaught once it is made public.

Second question, why the macc did not investigate or pursue the four reports lodged by Ronnie Liu before these audit report was called for. This just prove that the macc is a tool for umno/bn and without any green light from umno/bn, they cannot take action.

There are two probable reasons for the PKFZ Report to be released now.

1) A Distraction From Other Major Issues.

The release of the PKFZ report will overshadow the much talk about of the Perak crisis, the Altantuya murder case, the submarine deals and others.

In my opinion this PKFZ so call scandal will be no different from all the other major scandals (Perwaja came to mind). There will be investigation by macc, maybe the police or PAC but the end result will be "nothing concrete were found to warrant any charges for wrong doing, everything were done according to the book". Of course the investigation will go on for years and during this period some big shot will issue warning that no one can talk or question about the PKFZ report as it is under investigation.

2) To show najib's government is transparent and to win the peoples' heart.

The macc will swing into actions and a few scape goat will be scarified to take the fall. The investigation and corruption charges will be completed just before the 13th GE is announced. This will give najib the chance to proof that he is all out against corruptions and his government is transparent.

The end result will be just the same as others, money gone, big fish still swimming happily, case closed and we await another big scandal to surface and history will repeat itself.

Pricewater House report on PKFZ

I reproduce a well written post by drrafick from his blog.

PKFZ – A Tip of an iceberg..

1. The PKFZ astronomical saga attracted a lot of attention. The report released today indicates that when a project of national interest is about to be implemented some people with access of position, information and power took advantage of the opportunity to make money. Maybe some people who are surprised by the revelation but I am certainly not one of them. There is nothing to be surprised about for something that is a norm in this country.

2. The milking of our country wealth is not something that is an extraordinary. It is being done on a routine and regular basis by many people while they were in position of power. Information is vital and having the right information at the right time would be helpful in deciding how to make a quick buck. In the private sector, we called it insider trading.

3. Unfortunately, the trail of the evidence that it was done illegally is hard to obtain. In most circumstances, it was always done above board. Of course the people who makes the decision will not push it in any other way if they knew the particular projects belongs to a certain individual in the right position of power.

4. Unfortunately the authorities do not really want to go into details. Going into details would only means that many more worms will be unearthed. We just need to ask ourselves the simple question on how is that many of our ADUN and MP is financially wealthy despite the small amount of allowance that they officially received. Can anyone explain how UMNO a political party with a few million members and RM2 membership ever sustained it self? Where the money that built PWTC does comes from?

5. If we were to check the wealth of most of the politicians (including Anwar himself), I can bet that it is almost impossible for them to justify how they had accumulated their wealth. Their lifestyle and their family lifestyle cannot be sustained by their declared income.

6. Ever wondered on why it is so difficult for the government to nationalize or acquire PLUS. The issue is not so much mathematical or financial. There are underlying factors that need to be considered. The underlying factors are associated with streams of incomes that are probably linked back directly or indirectly to UMNO or to certain major individuals.

7. Over the years we have heard how major military procurements were made involving third party agent i.e. Malaysian companies closely linked to people in power but hired by foreign suppliers. These are all legal and above board in the strictest sense but somehow it stinks. Worldwide we are the only one doing a G to G business dealings and at the same time insisting the supplier to use a specific Malaysian company

8. I laud the decision of PKFZ management to report the matter to MACC but I think the investigation in this matter will not go anywhere. It will be good for BN in the sense that if anyone questions it in Parliament or in the street, they than can use the standard phrase; “ .. We cannot say anything as it may affect the investigations by MACC”. I might be wrong but my gut feeling tells me that MACC will be the tool to bury this issue for good. Since it is with MACC, even PR can now say very little about it.

9. If we want to know how much has been stolen ( may be stealing is too strong to use as most of deals are actually made legal) from the Malaysian Government coffers, we just need to go back to politicians. Study their wealth. There will be a strong mismatched between income and total wealth. There will now be a new definition of day light robbery.

10. The honest people in the street must be the one that provide the check and balance especially the level of trust in the investigating agencies is too low. Unfortunately many Malaysians do not want to speak and has a “not to get involved” attitude. We should change for the sake of the nation.

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  1. Hey. Scandal in Selangor. YB Teng Chang Khim must launch an investigation or sue him !



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