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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Najib Does Not Care About His "People First", But To Take Power Over Perak Is More Important

I had said that you can never ever believe in umno/najib promise of change. What is najib's "1Malaysia", "People First, Performance Now" means?

It means that umno/najib must control all states in this country to form "1Malaysia", Perak is the first and there are speculations that he is going after the Kedah State, Selangor State and Penang State while Kelantan State will be grabbed in different way by means of "ketuanan melayu first" slogan.

"People First" is his call to put all his people first in running this country. With the help of the pdrm, macc and the judiciary he put his "Performance Now" into action to take control of Perak and start his op-lallang2.

Najib has created a major disaster in Perak in order for him to start his excuse to start op-lallang2. More than 60 people had been arrested including 4 MPs and 5 SAs from Pakatan Rakyat.

The Perak sitting is in chaos with umno/bn forcing themselves to take over the Speaker position with total disregard to procedures and the constitutions. I am too distress to write the full account of what is happening right now.

You can access for up to the minute reports from:


Lim Kit Siang

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