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Friday, May 15, 2009

Anwar Plot, Najib Execute - Who To Blame?

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Malaysia claims that it has laws and the constitution to abide to. We have heard every now and then, najib, the pm and the ministers claiming the law is the law. But the rakyat is always surprise at how the law is enforce and the constitution interpreted by the ruling government. When other country leaders raised their objections to how the law is being carried out, the ruling government is quick to counter with "Do Not Interfere With Our Domestic Affair".

Firstly, foreign leaders would not want to interfere with our domestic affair if they are carried out according to the law as provided but will raise objections should it deviate from it.

We all know very well how the macc, the pdrm, the judiciary and the ec perform their duties according to the law and the constitution. There are so many cases of injustice being carried out by these so call impartial institutions but in reality they are not impartial but abide by another set of unwritten laws created by umno/bn.

There are so many cases of abuse of power by these institutions and the ruling government that many of you must have read and heard about, so I need not rewrite about them here. I will just take the Perak fiasco as an example.

By now many of you must have read, heard and seen how najib tries his very best to claim that his immoral, illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab is lawful. He applies his unwritten law to use the ec, macc, pdrm and judiciary to justified his actions. Every inch of the actions taken by the institutions had been broken and bare all and yet he has shown no remorse to admit the wrong.

The argument now is of course deflected to Anwar, claiming that he started it all. Yes, Anwar did plot and talk about defections of MP to enable him to take over the Federal government but the plot was not executed. umno najib at that time were calling Anwar's action to be immoral, illegal and all sorts of jargon law terms. In simple term, what Anwar was trying to do is illegal and unconstitutional in the eyes of umno najib.

Forgetting what they had described about Anwar's plot to grab Federal power, they execute this same plot to grab power in Perak. From their early version, Anwar's plot is illegal, umno najib, by using their unwritten law, then turn the power grab to be legal, claiming that Anwar started it all.

Those who plotted to perform an illegal act but did not execute it, is to be blamed, by someone who executed the illegal act and was caught with his pants down.

Is this one of umno najib's unwritten laws, that the one who executed an illegal power grab can plead not guilty but putting the blame on someone else who had this idea but did not execute it?

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