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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Najib Is Right On This: Dissolution Is Up To Sultan Azlan Shah

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The Perak crisis, which has escalated to a situation whereby there is now no legitimate government running the State just because of one man's greed for power.

Nevertheless it had come to an impasse where the greedy man cannot obtain what he craves for and now needs to talk things out. Failing to admit his mistake and wrongful power grab using every resources that he control including the police, macc and the judiciary, he now has to rely on the Sultan for decision.

najib was asked to respond to calls made by BN leaders that the solution to the Perak political impasse was by holding a state election (Malaysiakini).

“That is one of the options but under the constitution, it is something that does not have to happen. It depends on the sultan to consider,” said najib.

When he said that the dissolution is up to Sultan Azlan Shah, he is politically right. Since the legitimate MB Nizar receive the 'stay order' he cannot perform his duty and that include seeking the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly. Likewise for zambry, the high court rules that he is not the rightful MB, he is now acting against the law to claim himself as MB, thus the Sultan cannot accept and act according to what this illegal MB wants.

Now that both MB cannot represent the State Government, it is rightfully up to the Sultan's decision whether to call for a dissolution. Sultan Azlan Shah is a very learned man and fully aware of the constitution and law and we expect him to make the right decision.

Although the rightful MB will prevail when the court cases decide on it, the time frame cannot be ascertain. While waiting for the rightful MB to be decided by the court, Perak will be in limbo and without any legitimate government. Will the Sultan wants to see his State in such a condition?

It is the rakyat's hope that the Sultan will call for a dissolution soonest possible. The Sultan must not wait any further or wanting to see the result of the talks between najib and Pakatan. Rest assured that there will not be any good outcome from this talk.

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