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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Najib Had No Intention To Resolve The Perak Crisis

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Malaysians are once again being fooled, lied to and taken as fools by umno/najib. I am laughing as I write this posting. "1Malaysia" "People First, Performance Now" is actually najib's war cry, to destroy the country by creating tension which he hopes will lead to riots and chaos so that he can rule much longer in an emergency situation.

He wants to destroy Malaysia to claim a new "1Malaysia" as his and those "People First" who follow him in this destruction and with the help of the pdrm and judiciary to complete his "Performance Now".

This is his statement just a few days ago:
(Bernama) - Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional government is willing to cooperate with opposition parties to resolve the political crisis in Perak but that does not mean that it would agree to a coalition government.
Read his full so call wanting to resolve the Perak crisis plus my rebuttal here.

Can you ever believe in this man, one day he wants to cooperate with the opposition parties to resolve the Perak crisis and the next day warning Perakians not to be overexcited on the court ruling that Nizar is the legitimate Mentri Bersar and that he will appeal over the court decision. And as expected the judiciary created a fast tracked appeal for him and the Court of Appeal (single judge Justice Ramly Ali) grants stay to his lap dog, Zambry.

An opportunity for him to take the right path, i.e to dissolve the Perak State Assembly and call for fresh election, when the High Court judge against him, but, instead he choses to continue his politicking and to prolong the Perak crisis.

Many had called for the dissolution of the Perak Assembly including his own men but his stubbornness attitude would not want to listen. He insist that he is right, that umno/bn has the simple majority with the help of three independents. No one is disputing that fact, but the process of claiming stake to hold power is not carried out according to the rules of law and the constitution. It's just that simple.

Let me end by giving you an example of what is wrong with your illegal power grab.

You keep your money with a bank. When you want to withdraw, if you have an atm card, you will need to line up at the atm machine, put in the card, key in the required password before you can withdraw. If you do not have an atm card, you need to fill out a withdrawal form, wait for your turn at the counter and you approach the counter when it is your turn to make the withdrawal.

But for you, you think that just because you have money in the bank, you can simply walk in, grab your money from any counter and walk away without following the bank procedures for withdrawal.

In Perak, just because you think you have the majority, you can walk into the palace, appoint your own MB and grab over the State Government without any consideration of the law and constitution requirements and procedures.

1 comment:

  1. No, he has no plans for a fresh elections in Perak, just got to much at stake if BN loses.
    Even the DPM did not rule out a fresh elections!



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