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Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Win Some, You Lose Some, Or Is It?

My earlier posting before nomination day had indicated to Pakatan to look at the possibility of giving the two by-elections a miss after my simple evaluation that Pakatan will lose. Read here and here.

The very simple fact is that PM Najib and BN needed these wins desperately to probe up their falling credibility and support. They knew that they have to win, its a do or die mission. Knowing PKR and partly PR are in disarray, their confidence in winning is rather high.

Pakatan on the other hand is still on cloud nine, even though my suspicion is that they knew that their chances of winning is low especially in Batu Sapi. Even if it is a 50-50 chance, Pakatan need not have to contest to proof anything and there is nothing to lose.

With the latest two by-election results favoring umno-bn, the score now stands at, Pakatan 8 and umno-bn 5. Many are treating these by elections like it is a sporting game, you win some and you lose some.

These by elections are not a game but 'battles'. In any sporting game you have coaches, follow daily routine, restricted food consumption, you face your opponent on equal footing and strictly follow by the rules, trying to play dirty will get you disqualified.

There are referees in all sporting games and 99% of them are refereeing with integrity and standing on neutral ground.

To me, these by elections are political 'battles' against your political enemy. There are no coaches to teach you how to fight a political battle. Everyone from the commander in chief down to the foot soldiers will have to fight, i.e kill or be killed. There are referees also in these political battles but we know that they are 100% bias and are aligned with your enemy. Pakatan by now should have learned from all past elections how their enemy fights and won their many political battles.

Knowing that you are fighting your enemy who is holding the upper hand by being the ruling government and with the backing of all the institutions that they control and the vast amount of resources they have, you cannot simply go for every battle against your enemy head on every time.

You may had won a few battles earlier but it is not shameful to make retreat for one or two battles when you know that you are going to lose. These are only small battles, would it be better to retreat on these battles and get prepared for the real big war?

By going into battles that you are going to lose will give your enemy better positioning, presenting their new arsenals and gain territory by whatever means, legal or illegal does not matter because the referee is on their side.

See what happen now, they can claimed anything irrespective whether they are true or not, just because they won. They have the multi-media and all the TV stations to do their bidding. Have the tide really shifted towards umno-bn, have the Chinese flocking back to bn in droves? If anyone really study and look into the results, there is no big shift towards umno-bn although there is a slight change in Galas but that is expected. Umno-bn is now using these two wins to create a mountain out of a molehill and the gullible Malaysians are falling for it.

Borrowing the word from Haris of People's Parliament "We have a nation to take back." In order to do that Pakatan Rakyat must wised up and stop dreaming. There are still solid support for PR but many are feeling delusion with its leaders especially PKR. The people wanted to hear what are PR plans to govern Malaysia that everyone will be happy and love and not to hear the news of infighting and power crazy politicians.

There is very little time left before the 13th GE, PR must sort out all their problems and start scrutinizing and select credible candidates and if warranted work with the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement(MCLM). There is no time for party dignity and selfishness.

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