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Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Call Pakatan Rakyat: Shape Up Or Ship Out!

Many of my friends including myself are working very hard behind the scene in spreading the message and calling for the March To Putrajaya by supporting Pakatan Rakyat.

Lately, many are getting very tired and feel illusion from the behavior of PR leaders, mainly from PKR. As usual, like any other leaders, they only wanted to listen to the people surrounding them which very often provided them with only news, false or otherwise that the leaders wanted to hear and not from the rakyat on the ground.

The voters trusted and believed in Anwar Ibrahim, a true and capable leader that can lead the change for a better Malaysia. His capability to cement and bond the three political parties, DAP, PAS and PKR together is well known everywhere.

Now, what happened to this great figure, who seems not able to resolve his own party problem? Is his party so much bigger than the three parties coalition that he cannot controlled nor managed? Is he being fed the wrong information from his close aids that everything is still fine, his support is gaining more ground and Putrajaya is now within reached or even closer? But let me tell him, the sentiment on the ground is totally different, many are questioning his integrity and ability to lead them to Putrajaya. How can he lead the whole country when he cannot even put out the small fire now raging inside his party?

DAP also has its own problems but kept under tab, how long can it hold before all the problems burst into the open? They really need to look into it and solved the problems and not to let it simmer.

PAS will most likely face with problems only when Umno challenged and instigated the Malays regarding religion and PAS working with DAP.

Contrary to many who believed that the 13th GE is a do or die mission for Umno-BN, I would say its just the opposite, its a do or die mission for PR if PR does not shape up it will be shipped out.

Paktan Rakyat leaders must start to look into minute details how they are going to campaign for the coming 13th GE and the selection of their candidates.

I am not sure any of the PR leaders would want to listen to this one stupid rakyat comment and opinion but anyway I will still write what is on my mind.

My general ideas for Pakatan Rakyat on their planning for the coming 13th General Election:

1) PR must start to talk and act like they are running the federal government.

2) Stop the bashing and challenging of Umno-BN failings to do this or that, price increases, mega projects, wastage of public fund etc.

3) Instead, chart out a program what PR will do to rectify all the wrongs being done by the previous government.

a) What would PR do for each of the state, from Perlis to Sabah.

b) Removed all unfriendly projects and reintroduce projects that are beneficial to the people as well as to the FDI.

c) How PR will distribute funds to all the states irrespective which political party is controlling.

d) A special fund set up to help all the poor Malaysians (set a level mark for earning figures to indicate what constitute as poor) from working families, agriculture to small traders.

e) A one time discount for first time buyers of housing costing 150k and below. Bumi discount will continue but will only be once per person for unit costing 350k and below. (These are just examples, PR needs to study further in details to avoid the soon to be opposition twisting and spinning the actual facts.)

There are many items that you can think off and how PR is going to implement them.

4) Removed all archaic laws and introduced laws that are more aligned to the 21st century.

5) Working with the police force on how to make Malaysia a safer place to live in.

6) How to control the influx of illegal immigrants.

7) How to fight inflation and keep consumer good prices affordable

8) Will toll be totally abolished or a total revamp of the rates calculation, reducing the financial burden for the rakyat.

9) Bang on transparency and how it can save the country billions of ringgit. Use chart and figures as proof available from PR ruled States.

All the above are just what I think the rakyat wanted to know and PR may need a few good economists to help out further.

PR must campaign on the same platform with the same ideas and topics throughout the country rather than telling different stories to different audience.

Lastly the candidates.

There are going to be big fights over the selection of candidates, trust me. PR should start screening all their potential candidates for their integrity, honesty, but most important are they willing to work for the rakyat and not for self glory and power. There are many existing Aduns, MPs that are good which could be retained while a few may have to go, whether they like it or not.

For this coming 13th GE, voters will definitely weigh the candidates as well in their decision whom to vote as they had seen too many frogs jumping after the 12th GE.

In conclusion, Pakatan Rakyat cannot continue their old method of 'opposition like' campaigning, not any tom, dick or harry is a suitable candidate, forget about the 308 tsunami and start creating a new wave, stop listening in total whatever your close aids are feeding you, start cleaning up your own backyard, stop boasting, praising yourself, just remember no leaders are indispensable.


  1. I too agreed that GE 13 is the do or die for PR. If PR does badly, it will be history, no more opportunities for a come back.

    I have been a supporter of PR but looking at PKR now, which is not much different from umno, why bother, same drama, just different actors.

  2. let's all go back to BN. Dr M rocks forever. ISA is good for discpline!

  3. I too totally fed up not only with PKR but DAP as well. What the heck the two brothers of Neg are doing ? As a leader they cant even agree to be disagree that shows that they are mad for power and position and not rakyat first ! that is the very basic rule and saying. for the people and by the people! I hintk I will not onlyvote for BN but also urge my friends to vote for BN a least Najid seems to be more able than Anwar. Let us deny PR their stupid dream and let them realise they cant be too big headed and ignor the calls of people. They cant even reach the control of Putrajaya they already dispise, kick out the very people who helped them won the last election.

  4. very solid points, u are basically providing input for the GE manifesto

    PR must realise that if they want position themselves as alternative administrators then they have to tell the fence sitters and sceptics want they want to do and want benefit the people will get

    Malaysians by and large are risk-adverse, shallow thinkers and addicted to slavery, bar the few brave ones who put themselves in front

    for these people, they have to be spoon fed so that they can understand what could be install for them if an alternative government takes over - wat deal the rakyat can get from changing from capitalist-big business for cronies only approach to socialist-welfare state orientation?

    for tat PR must do this part themselves. yes exposing the short coming of BN administration is part I, part II is the pointing to promise land part

    DAP's alternative 2010 budget was great and tot provoking but no road shows were held to explain to the you know, most Malaysians do not read

  5. I am on the ground and I know. The sentiments amongst the majority of people are rather negative against PR in general and PKR in particulars. A lot of damage I gathered from the ordinary people on the street that I asked are on PKR mainly. If Anwar still thinks a lot of people still support him, he's deluded. All I can say is that PR will lose Kedah and Selangor for sure and a lot of PKR and some from DAP and PAS will also lose in 13th GE. What Mr Richard Loh said is spot on but I think there is not enough time left to recoup. If PKR did badly, they asked for it as Anwar always self destruct when nearing success, as always due to his uncorrectable personality flaws.

  6. Good article.... if PKR wants to listen. It's a good idea to bring this up again. I believe similar ideas to 1, 2 and 3 have been voiced out years ago however nothing is being done till today.

  7. This is the article that we have talk about. PKR, especially DS Anwar must do something that now it will cost his party collapsed anytime. Let alone Selangor will be taken over by UMNO/BN. RPK says already, but DS Anwar is refuse to listen to him. RPK is not one of the Putera of Selangor. He is not forcing you to listen to him. He is a normal M'sian Rakyat, like us!! So, DS Anwar, my words to you, frak you, wake up and leave this UMNO mentality behind. We are holding our trust to you until now, which is not a favourable to us from the days to come!! My ears are listening from some peoples opinion that they are dissapointed and hypocrites. Priciple of each PR leaders must be strenghten and never runs out. We are not satisfied with performance of PKR (I mean it, you suck big time!!). Of DAP case, only Penang is in the right track, but much more tasks awaits LGE to performed to make it better than any states in M'sia. Unfortunately, for Perak, seems DAP Perak got my attentions. D is DISSAPOINTMENTS for me. Hello DAP Perak, you want me to frak you again, like my previous comments that I post 2 months ago? And remember, I'm Perakians and I still prefer you, DAP Perak to manage states of Perak, not because you are Chinese or Indians, but you have different managements that's better than talking nonsense MCA. Look's like I have no choice, but to leave my beloved states of Perak in the couple of years, because states of Perak is only power crazy, but this states has no future for young generations.



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