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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MCA Is More Frightening And Dangerous Compared To PAS pt.1

With Or Without MCA, Malaysian Chinese Can Still Survive. MCA To Many Malaysian Chinese Is Now A "Meaningless Chinese Association".

MCA continues to use the outdated Islamophobia as their political tool in trying to win back the Chinese voters. They keep on harping on the Islamic laws that PAS will impose on the rakyat and turn the country into an Islamic State upon PAS taking over the Federal Government.

MCA, besides being a political party is now also a fortune teller or rather a 'future teller'. Even though MCA knew very well that PAS can never win over two thirds of the Parliamentary seats in order for PAS to amend the constitution and change secular Malaysia into an Islamic country, they are still persistence that PAS can do it. Even on paper and theoretical calculation it had proven that PAS will not be able to do so, yet MCA, a 'future teller' said it can.

MCA had forgotten or pretend to forget that they had supported UMNO in declaring that secular Malaysia is already an Islamic country through self declaration by two Prime Ministers. MCA has yet to explain why UMNO-BN can turned secular Malaysia into an Islamic country without amending the constitution in Parliament.

Let us assumed that MCA 'future telling' came true and PAS miraculously without a two thirds majority (maybe with MCA's help) managed to turn secular Malaysia into an Islamic State and started implementing the Islamic laws. Here, MCA failed to tell the non-muslims that PAS Islamic laws only apply to the muslims.

MCA playing with this Islamophobia political game gave the credence that Pakatan Rakyat is really strong and capable of capturing Putrajaya. It also indicates that MCA is a dying breed and they have to fight back with every means,logical or not, true or not does not matter, to win back the Chinese voters.

What is wrong for PAS to turn Malaysia into an Islamic country and implement the Islamic laws if, as predicted by MCA that PAS is going to take over control of Putrajaya. Firstly, Malaysia already is an Islamic country supported by MCA, secondly, the hands chopping of convicted thieves or stoning to death of convicted criminals may be good for the country. You may want to claim that these are inhumane acts, yes, its true, but let us take a look at our present laws supported by MCA.

The Internal Security Act (ISA) allows only 'one person' to dictate the fate of an individual. You can simply be detained under the ISA for 2 years without any charges being brought against you and it can be extended again and again. A journalist, reporting what was being said can be detained under the ISA, MPs and Aduns can be detained under the ISA base on false news report or an ordinary rakyat can be detained under the ISA if that 'one person' feels that you are a threat to national security. Thousands had been detained under the ISA not because they were criminals but simply against the government policies.

The sedition act, the Press Printing & Publication act and many other acts that allows only a handful of people to decide and interpret whether what you said, wrote or published were seditious and you could be jailed if they decided to charge you. For God sake, a cartoonist can also be arrested, just imagine that.

A law that prohibit a gathering of more than 4 person. If you go against this law, you will be met with tear gas, sprayed with chemically laced water canon and arrested as well.

Ain't all these archaic laws inhuman and MCA is still supporting them. Just compare these kind of inhumanity with the Islamic laws which apply only to convicted criminals and muslims only.

Since MCA can be a 'future teller' I can also tell the future of MCA being more frightening and dangerous as compared to PAS. Stay tune for pt.2


  1. M C A
    Malausia Crooks ASSociation
    Malausia Corrupted ASSociation
    Malausia Cheekopek ASSociation
    Malausia Cheepek Anjing

  2. The danger is, such a claim may become another social contract burden to our future generations.

  3. Malaysia under UMNO is more dangerous than PAS.

    Under UMNO, Christians cannot use the term GOD in Bahasa Malaysia ; UMNO propagate fear into non-Muslims by tearing down places of worship and May 13 reminder ; drag a cow-head into heart of Shah Alam ; cause disappearance of innocent persons under their custody ; corpse snatching ; always in denial mode ;using the arms of the law eg MACC, PDRM, AG Chambers and Courts to their advantage etc.

    The list goes on. PAS in Kelantan does not chopped off people's hand as claimed by MCA. PAS leaders are sensible and moderate people.

    Between a PAS candidate and MCA, I will vote PAS.



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