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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim, You Are Dead Wrong!

I am not a PKR member but a strong supporter for Pakatan Rakyat which PKR is part of the coalition hence it gives me the right to make a comment about the inferno inside PKR.

I am not going to say, between the two rivals, who is right or who is wrong because that is not for me to judge as I have nothing to do with PKR. Anwar Ibrahim should know better how to handle the situation.

But, what I see is that Anwar Ibrahim is dead wrong the way he handled it. When a leader allows such a situation to grow to such an extend, there is really something very wrong.

A leader cannot and must not take sides when dealing with infighting nor join in the tit for tat mud slugging. At the onset of the problem Anwar Ibrahim was already seen to be leaning to one side. You can support anyone you like but when there are problems emerging, as a leader you must order a full investigation into it and not challenged against it and let the fireworks rage on.

A leader must put an immediate stop to such an ugly situation but not Anwar Ibrahim. He seems happy to allow it to ferment adding more fuel to the raging fire. Even if there is no evidence of any wrong doing, a leader after consulting and gathering the correct information will call in the rival teams to resolve it internally. Although one rival may claimed there are discrepancies and persistence in making everything in public, a good and capable leader will know how to control the situation and not join in the fray by rebutting openly.

Anwar Ibrahim may want to think that he still has great support, may be he has, but if he continues to do nothing and allow the party to burn here and there, the fire will eventually burn down the whole house. I am not a bit concerned about that but my worry is that the fire will spread to Pakatan Rakyat as well.

So, my advise to Anwar Ibrahim, look into the problem and solved it, be a fireman for once and put out the fire. If you can't, then its about time you give up the leadership. Sorry for what I had said but PKR must really put the house in order or you can wave goodbye to Putrajaya not only at the 13th GE but forever.


  1. Hehehe..

    Aku tak kata komen ko salah.. tapi aku rasa.. sebagai ko.. itulah yang ko nampak.. tapi lain pulak pandangan ko kalu tengok dari atas.. contohnya ko naik helikopter ke tengok ke bawah.. lebih banyak yang ko nampak..

    Aku rasa, anwar nampak benda yang ada pada zaid tidak boleh lagi dipertahankan.. sebelum ni anwar bawa zaid masuk, bertanding di selangor mengenepikan pandangan azmi.. tapi bila sudah terlalu di bawa ke depan.. zaid nampaknya jenis yang menggigit tuan..

    Ko ingat tak apa yang zaid cakap sebelum dia bertanding Timbalan?.. dia kata peranan anwar perlu dikurangkan.. itu belum menang lagi tuuu.. ko ingat anwar suka?.. kalo ko jadi anwar.. ko ingat ko nak sokong zaid..?.. itu lah menampak bodohnya mainan politik zaid.. ko nak zaid yang seakan mentah itu memimpin parti?.. aku rasa dia belum cukup matang untuk menentang lawan di luar parti, lawan di dalam parti pun dia amuk bakar kelambu.. ko tak tau betapa zaid ini sering lupa segala.. sehingga semua benda dia kena tanya PAnya.. maka aku rasa memang jelas zaid tidak boleh memimpin parti yang agendanya cukup besar..

    Anwar diam membisu.. kerana kalau dia tegur zaid.. dia jugak yang kena kerana sebelum ini beria2 bawa zaid tendang pandangan azmi.. dengan sebab itu.. pandangan kita biarlah luas.. mencangkupi sesuatu yang tidak nampak dilihat.. ini belum lagi kita bincang siapakah yang mengupah Rahimi menarik balik akuan sumpahnya.. tidakkah taukeh cina itu berkait dengan zaid?.. maka tentulah selayaknya zaid mendapat habuan dari tindak-tanduknya yang berakal pendek..

    terima kasih.

  2. For me.... the COMMON enemy is BN!!!! Not PKR or other PR parties.... SO FOR NOW... I wanna VOTE BN OUT in the next GE!!!! That is my priority for now.... Like it or not....



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