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Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyone Should Have Known The Batu Sapi Polling Date Before EC Announcement

When the EC mentioned that the Batu Sapi by-election date need not be the same as the Galas by-election, everyone, especially PR should have known that it was just a ploy by the EC.

On that day, I had already confirmed in my heart that it will be the same date as Galas which I intended to blog but due to some other matters I just had to put it off.

PR need not have to cry foul over the EC decision knowing very well how close they work with umno/bn in deciding matters related to any elections.

On paper, it looks like umno/bn should have no problem in winning both these two by-elections which I predicted it that way as well.

PR may want to look at the possibility of giving the two by-elections a miss and concentrate on the coming Sarawak state election and the 13th GE which may come as early as the first quarter of 2011. Why give umno/bn the heads up and using these two wins to boost further their strength and images.

Batu Sapi By-Election

Nomination Day - 26th October

Polling Day - 4th November

Eligible Voters can check whether you are registered here.

And if you are still not registered as a voter, please do so now by going to any computerised Post Office or seek help from any registration booth organised by political parties and NGOs nearest to you.

Every vote counts and it is very important to know that your vote is a very powerful force to decide your country's future.

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