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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Galas, Batu Sapi By-Election Results - Live Updates

Congratulation to Umno-BN for winning both the seats. Questions they face are, is the EC fair, is money being a part of it or Umno-BN sincerely think that they won fair and square.

For Pakatan Rakyat, no point going into the process of blaming others but yourselves. Listen to the ground and not what you all think is always right. Study the way how Umno-BN punched through the wall and built your wall thicker and stronger. Umno-BN got the resources but you have the rakyat.

Polling closes in Galas and Batu Sapi, waiting for counting and the results.

Official Results

Batu Sapi

EC : Voters turnout at 5PM - 61.47 % 15,774

Pakatan Rakyat - 3414 votes

Umno - 9773 votes

SAPP - 2013 votes

Umno won with a 6359 majority



EC : Voters turnout at 5 PM - 82.71 % 9,555

Pakatan Rakyat - 4134 votes

Umno - 5324 votes

Umno won with a 1190 majority


Do we need to wait till tonight to find out the Galas and Batu Sapi by-election results? With what had happened over the nine days campaigning we can announced the results right now.

"Umno-BN in good working relationship with the EC won both the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections with overwhelming majority.

Umno-BN is very happy to see that the by-elections conducted by the EC went smoothly and fairly.

The EC was right to announce that, 'Alms or not, giving money is bribery', only the opposition tend to give bribes.

On the other hand, Umno-BN, will never resort to bribery even though cash were given openly to the people, there is nothing wrong because we treated them as campaigners and helpers.

Umno-BN always look after the people and in return the people will look after Umno-BN, 'You help me, I help you' is the right way to go forward in all Umno-BN future election campaign. The EC and MACC have no objection to this kind of clean and fair campaigning.

The EC has always praised the good conduct of Umno-BN during campaigning. They are allowed to use force when they feel that they are going to lose the election, a case example was the attacked on Teoh Beng Hock's brother in law and the unwarranted arrest of the deceased sister, Teoh Lee Lan. To the EC its OK, nothing wrong with that, the police can handle the situation. Certain areas are off limit to the opposition, only Umno-BN campaigners were allowed in."

So, with the EC being fair and non biased as claimed by Umno-BN and the EC themselves what kind of results would you expect when on the ground everything does not look that way, simply WYSIWYG.

You still want to know the final results, well I will try to update this page as the results come in. Stay tune.


  1. Defination of Fair = I get what I want....there'll never be fair from any one...same goes to Pakatan Rakyat.....they will never be fair when in power..

  2. u lost a lot of money betting the wrong horse????

  3. richard loh,when,how r u going to be satisfied,a win is a win,if there is so much hanky panky going around s u claimed,show us the proof,otherwise,be a gentleman,accept the results in good faith,even in an extended family,it is hard to please everyone,this involves ten of thousands of people,surely there will be disatisfaction among the losers. there is a saying,dont blame the ground for being hard,if u cant do ur business [u know what]. i appreciate fair comments anytime,i m not aligned to any party,polictical or otherwise,just love to watch what people can make up,its hilarious sometimes. who knows,u lost a lot of money betting on the wrong horse. [pai kiok mah]he,he,he!

  4. anon 11:46,

    I agree with you a win is a win but it does not always mean that it is a clean win. I guess you do not follow closely how the country's political elections are run or prefer to close both eyes. The proof that you seek are so glaring right in front of you from the actions and speeches of the leaders and the EC. Even though you declared that you are not aligned to any party, but your posting itself indicated otherwise. Lastly, I do not place bet nor gamble on such thing.

  5. Richard Loh,what you saidmaybe true,that i do nodfollow tooclosely the polictical scene hereor anywhere for that matter. This would point out clearly,I m not aligned to any party or even being a member,however,the truth of the matter is,Barisan is the goverment of the day,like it or not,they have certain advantages,so also is the case in Kelantan,Pas,the ruling party does once in a while,commits certain things that r or can be considered against the grain of normal acceptancy. Nik Aziz was shown to be giving away money in Galas,what have u to say to this then. As for my comment about ur gambling,it was only in light humour,my apology.

  6. anon 12:32,

    I do not know how old you are and to what extend that you understand our political scene. First, even though Kelantan is under PAS, their hands are tight. There are many things within the State that are under federal control. Second I hope you can make a detail search on what you deemed that Nik Aziz gave away money in Galas as compared to the so call 1Malaysia giving away money and umno claiming that the money they gave are for their volunteers. You need to understand and differentiate the way, the how and the why, these money are given.

    Thanks for the chat.

  7. quote: to steal a dollar is a sin,to steal a thousand dollars is also a sin. let he,who is without sin, caste the first stone. nice chatting with you,

  8. "Umno-BN in good working relationship with the EC won both the Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections with overwhelming majority.

    Umno-BN is very happy to see that the by-elections conducted by the EC went smoothly and fairly".

    EC is very happy to see Umno-BN wins the 2 buy-elections,too.

  9. ikyi,wonder what others will say if PAS wins,vote buying,vote rigging,etc,etc. every coin has 2 sides,just accept the fact that theylost,i repeat,LOST,thats all.

  10. ric, I already predict that BN will win. They use anything and everything to win hands down including bribing the peoples. I wonder to ask a questions. About 70 percent of people in this country are ignorant? They still not awake yet and still sleep in the dreamland? I have tried to separate the history and the facts of today. They are still believing history of brainwashing than sees to believe it is a fact. I'm dissapointed. So, no comment and let's assists to let them know the facts of today, rather than they always think this word "you should thanks BN for further development" This words of history is no more be used on today, it's outdated. PR has to work even harder and stronger.

  11. A well deserved win for UMNO in Galas. PAS too arrogant nowdays.. No matter what they's always SOUR GRAPEs..hehehe



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