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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keen To Join "BN Baru" But Needed Answers To these Questions First

Very interesting that 'Umno controlled BN' is now opening the door for direct membership. To avoid confusion over the many questions that arises with this introduction, let me called it "BN Baru". There are many confused statements coming out from the various leaders of what this 'BN Baru' constitutes.

Fellow Malaysians, before we rush in to sign up, we need to clarify a few things first in order not to get into 'Umno controlled BN' entrapment or deceit.

We need to ask these questions and hopefully the cybertroopers can forward them to their master for answers.

Q1 : "Najib said last week that the historic decision to amend its charter is an effort to make BN more inclusive and open to all who share its concept, principles and policies of the coalition."

Many left 'Umno controlled BN' is because they are not happy with it's concept, principles and policies. So what is the difference in this "BN Baru"? Have we got to endure the same old racist policies, abiding by master Umno's concept and the principle of 'ketuanan melayu'?

Q2 : Who will lead this "BN Baru", Umno supreme council, BN supreme council or members will elect their own "BN Baru" supreme council?

If "BN Baru" is going to be under Umno supreme council or BN supreme council, then, what is the different, they are all race base and members will have to abide by their policies.

Q3 : Are capable members of this "BN Baru" allowed to stand for elections as MP or SA and under which of the coalition party or will it be under the "BN Baru" new flag?

Q4 : As members of this "BN Baru" can we object 'Umno controlled BN' policies of discrimination, racism and unfair treatment.

If we are not allowed to object or go against bad policies implemented by 'Umno controlled BN', then, what is the difference of having this direct membership when members have to bow to what 'Umno controlled BN' says or order.

Q5 : Will you allow members of this "BN Baru" to call for total transparency in governing, separation of power to MACC, PDRM and Judiciary and allow them to serve the public and country without fear or favor?

"The BN Rakan Muda Club is for those between 18 and 21 who want to support the coalition before they are allowed to vote at the age of 21."

Q6 : Is this Club legal?
Youth between the ages of 18 and 21 are mostly students and undergraduate, if I am not wrong there is an act that disallowed students and undergraduate to be involved in politics. Is the 'Umno controlled BN' government going to remove this act to allow them to participate or a new act that allowed student and undergraduate to participate in politic ONLY if they join "BN Baru"?

Q7 : It is the understanding that this "BN Baru" is open to all races, does it means that the very much dislike of separating Malaysians into Bumi and Non-Bumi will come to an end?

Q8 : Will members of this "BN Baru" have the opportunity to climb the ladder to become elected as Prime Minister one day, irrespective of their races?

Q9 : Many youths today deplored the use of religion and race for political mileage. If I were to join this "BN Baru" am I allowed to campaign to stop the use of religion and race in politics?

Q10 : How far and to what extend can this "BN Baru" members go?

We need to know the involvement we will be into, active, passive or just as slave that follow orders from 'Umno controlled BN'. If this is the case why the need to have this "BN Baru" direct membership that are no different from the present 'Umno controlled BN'?

Until we have the answers as to where we stand as members of this "BN Baru", we do not want to go in and regret that this "BN Baru" is going to behave and act like the same old 'Umno controlled BN' way of politics.

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