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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Galas By Election: Why Umno Wanted Their "Villian" Ku Li To Stand

Galas By Election

Nomination Day - 26th October 2010 (Tuesday)

Polling Day - 4th November 2010 (Thursday)

Both days fall on weekdays and working days. Any particular reason for holding an election details on such days, only the EC can give you their stupid answers.

I am not too familiar with the political environment surrounding Galas so I will not be blogging much on this by election. One thing though, Galas voters must wise up and vote for PAS, if, there is a by election. Why I said if, because there might not be a by election after all, depending on who is umno's candidate.

Why do you think that Umno was so quick to suggest their "villain" Ku Li as the candidate? They know that Ku Li is a sure bet winner and they also know that he supported PAS, the Kelantan State Government, on the oil royalty issue.

PAS, on the hand may claimed that they are confident in retaining the Galas state seat even if Ku Li is Umno's choice candidate. But, should Ku Li accepts Umno selection as the candidate, my bet is that PAS will not contest the seat. It will be a win win situation for PAS.

PAS value Ku Li's stand and support of the State Government in their quest to claim for the oil royalty and maybe other host of benefits due to the State but withheld by Umno. What better way then allowing him to sit in the state assembly, even though he may be Umno's State Assemblyman, many will see him as an independent. Challenging him in this by election may cause frictions between Ku Li and PAS when anything and everything, good or bad, will be laid bare for all to hear and see during the campaigning.

For Umno, other then a sure win, they may have felt that PAS may not contest this by election if Ku Li stands as candidate.

A by election that can be avoided and a win - win solution for both you all think so?

1 comment:

  1. If no by-elections, how to get dUMNO to the table to talk about the oil royalties? I certainly hope Pas will contest or the rakyat will miss out on the usual load of goodies (bribes) handed out at each By!



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