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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sorry, No New Thoughts Of Mine Lately But Read This Short Note

My apology for not posting any new 13th GE online campaign blasting you know who but just copy and paste from other sources.

Being sick for the past week and resting to gather strength while waiting to see how PR settle their internal party problems and embarking on a new campaign for the coming 13th GE.

One thing that is very clear for all Malaysians that love and wanted to see a bright future for Malaysia is:

"Umno Controlled BN" MUST GO

Malaysians can forget about the failed 1Malaysia or "People First, Performance Now" rhetoric, work together for change and bring back our lovely Original Malaysia recipe.

We still need Pakatan Rakyat as our platform for change but would like to remind Pakatan leaders that they must work together with the rakyat as well as other groups or third force that also wanted to see change. Do not simply throw them on the side-walk without engaging and working out a win win solution.

PR leaders must not always think along the line of politics to win elections but treat itself as a rakyat force and not a political force. You need to change strategy for this coming 13th GE in order to fight the might of your opponent.

Will be thinking how to continue with my online campaign for the 13th GE while recuperating. Hopefully to be back within a week or two.

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