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Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Open Letter To The Prime Minister - By Johan Brendon

By Johan Brendon

Dear Prime Minister,

This letter sets out to find the real Najib Razak. So let me start with your controversial ‘1Malaysia’ slogan. Did you conceive the idea because you have seen the light and believe Institutional racism is immoral or did you think you could get away with a catchy gimmick to show your visionary leadership?

In my letter (14/11/10), ‘1Malaysia – 2Standards’ published in Malaysia Today, I lampooned your ‘1Malaysia’ slogan by paraphrasing George Orwell’s mocking fable (Animal Farm), “we are all equal but some are more equal than others”. Having shown your true colours, "… political power must remain with the Malays to translate the spirit of the Constitution", wouldn’t you agree ‘1Malaysia’ is therefore a publicity stunt and you have no intention of, to use your own word, “progressing” towards an equal society? The fact that you give mixed messages suggests that you are either a very confused man or a very shallow man who speaks with a forked tongue.

There is still a dark shadow cast over your reputation concerning the murder of a certain Mongolian woman. An innocent man, let alone an esteemed Prime Minister, accused of conspiracy of a hideous crime, would surely want to do all he can to clear his name; wouldn’t you agree? In view of your alleged involvement, I would have thought you would want to urgently establish a judicial inquiry conducted by an unimpeachable Judge (an oxymoron?) to clear your name as well as the reputation of the country.

And wouldn’t you also want to punish the silly bugger who made Malaysia a laughing stock for buying a submarine that only floats? As we Malaysians would say, ‘where can’? This entire shady episode encapsulates the real Malaysia with intrigues such as unexplained deaths including an ‘accidental fall’ from a tall building, corruption, cronyism and cover ups. Hence with all the goings-on, it comes as no surprise if Malaysia is soon considered a banana republic. At best, your inaction suggests your indifference and at worst, you really have got something to hide in particular to the deceased Mongolian and a wonky submarine.

There is another small matter concerning Anwar Ibrahim. The sodomy charge and conviction is a tried and trusted means to silence him. We ought to pay tribute to our former half-Indian Prime Minister for his evil genius to come up with such a clever plot. There is a hint of suspicion that you are using the same ploy; though - bless you, you did try to counter such cynicism with your bravado, “We are willing to compete against anyone, this is democracy”. Amen to that! So will you have a quiet word in the pathetic Attorney General’s ear to drop the sodomy charge? If you did, you will also be doing the country another big favour because the sheer incompetence of the nincompoop, Gani Patail (a lawyer?), is making a mockery of the Malaysian judiciary.

Your recent conduct pertaining to your declaration that the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) had endorsed ‘Malacca’s developed status’ which turned out to be false, is fascinating. But what is puzzling is not the falsehood per se, but telling such a porky in a public announcement is certainly blatant. It is either you like living dangerously or that you are incapable of differentiating between fact and fiction.

Last but not least, why would you want to be endorsed by our former half-Indian Prime Minister who is perceived to be inherently corrupt, racist and some might say evil? I would have thought you would not want this half-Indian anywhere near you. Even the ineffectual but affable Badawi stood up to him. The fact that this half-Indian instills fear in you perhaps shows the weakness of your own conviction and character. So Prime Minister, enough said. These observations and inferences have seemingly highlighted your dodgy side and may I quickly add, ‘seemingly’ is the operative word and therefore will you show us the real Najib Razak?

Yours Obediently,

Johan Brendon

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