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Friday, October 22, 2010

Umno & PM Declaring War Against The Rakyat!

Is our country at war? Is our country being attacked by outsiders? It looks that way when we heard the Prime Minister declaring “Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya.” I would be the first to stand by the PM and sacrifice my life to defend Putrajaya and the country if we are at war with outsiders. When an enemy attacked a country they will go for the capital city, trying to capture it, and if they succeed, the country will be theirs and they win the war.

This morning when I woke up, I hear no gun fire nor any bombing, just the normal sound of vehicles passing by and a beautiful sunny day.

So, what is the PM declaration all about? After reading it more closely I realized that it was umno and it's president that is declaring war against the rakyat. They have taken control of Putrajaya and that Putrajaya belongs to umno, no one else has the right to it and they will protect it at all cost.

Let me, the rakyat of Malaysia, tell umno and it's president these actual facts.

Putrajaya does not belong to any individual or party, it belongs to all Malaysians.

The rakyat will decide who to run Putrajaya and incidentally, umno was chosen to helm Putrajaya for 54 years. This does not mean that umno now owns Putrajaya and it can declare to defend it at all cost. There is nothing for you to defend if the rakyat decided to throw you out.

By declaring war against the rakyat, which they put you there in the first place, indicates that you are now no longer interested to serve the rakyat and country, but to preserve your control by any means which is legally wrong. It is even more wrong to use threat and force by indicating that you are willing to shed blood to remain in power.

Whether you remain in power and control over Putrajaya is not yours to decide nor defend by foul means.

Pakatan Rakyat or any party that wins the majority seats as decided by the rakyat will control Putrajaya and rule the country whether you like it or not.

The rakyat are now fully aware of the true color and intention of the PM after hearing his statement to defend Putrajaya at all cost. The PM is more concern about himself and umno rather than to serve the rakyat and country. All his talks and slogan of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" are just empty promises to con the rakyat into voting for him.

The rakyat will capture back Putrajaya and throw umno out and our march to Putrajaya will not be through crushing of bodies or lost of lives but by peaceful mean and that is using our vote.

My fellow Malaysians, you had given your mandate to umno for 54 years and now they are turning into a monster that cares not about you or the country. They are willing to crushed bodies and lost lives to protect their existence.

We must tame this monster not by brute force but by using our vote.

To umno and the PM, we, the rakyat, no longer fear your threat of another May 13 nor your threat of crushed bodies and lost lives. We, the rakyat, hold the power to decide who control Putrajaya.

Malaysians, we must not allow fear to stop us from marching to Putrajaya. We are now a step closer to Putrajaya when our enemy are showing signs of defeat by declaring war against the rakyat.

Change we must and this is not an option.


  1. Aiya Ric, let it rip. It is PR and good M'sian citizen against BN only, especially NUMERO UNO. They, the NUMERO UNO is now defending Putrajaya alone, is sitting duck awaits the angry PR and good citizens of M'sia to whack 'em in anyway. Info, MCA and MIC are weak already. Gerakan is slowly dead. And who wants to bothered them? We want change and that is all!!

  2. Good piece Richard. With your permission, I may use parts your posting in an upcoming posting of my own now in the thinking/formulating stage.

    Please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Bravo...well said..!

    The PM has finally show his real colour..!
    Its now the rakyat against BN...!

    May the rakyat have the courage and wisdom to overcome a failed goberman..!

  4. romerz,

    You are welcome to do so. No need to ask permission lah..everything here is open for everyone.

  5. 2 thumbs up! For those who r still sleeping, plz wake up..

  6. I am a sarawak bumiputra (more bumiputra than ameno!)..yes, BN/UMNOs are declaring war against rakyat Msia, including that of my ethnic group..but then, as Ric says, we will calm this monster come next GE...

  7. In Kelantan, there are many old Chinese coffee shops and the customers comprise mainly Malays and a few chinese, indians & others, truly 1Malaysia practiced amicably which is not seen in other States. This is a very peaceful and a wonderful state to live and raise families who live side-by-side peacefully.

  8. This bunch of bullies think that they can do anything they fancy and get away with it. Either they have no brains or they are incapable of using them. They are just great dreamers to say the least, nothing more nothing less.

  9. This is how uneducated /uncivilised cave-men behaves ... and these are the kind of people who will destroy the country ... bankrupt in 2019 ...
    and eventually they will also become extinct.

  10. they always claim what does not belong to them.

  11. this is dumb they say the country is gonna bankrupt but what do they do with the money spend it to build more buildings spend it on subs and all those nonsense while they can use the money to help the poor make medical a free thing for everyone, lets not talk abt bumiputra's and non-bumiputra's why do they classify themselves from the rest and call it 1malaysia what is the point there is no point...what is all the talk abt 1 malaysia and then talking abt crush bodies and talking about blood...if they want to talk like this why not we take it back 60 years ago and they can talk to the japs abt this? where were they 60 years ago...who defended this country 60 years ago...was it them i dont think was the they wanna talk abt crushed bodies it is illogical....who invested money into this country...talking abt crushed bodies to defend putrajay while they should defend us from anything they should see to our needs and wants not fight over kiddy matters

    our leaders should grow up

  12. I'm not with PM nor UMNO..but the author have to change this:
    To umno and the PM, we, the rakyat, no longer fear your threat of another May 13 nor your threat of crushed bodies and lost lives. We, the rakyat, hold the power to decide who control Putrajaya.

    Remember...Malays Right!!! Dont talk more...

  13. It is now very irritating to everyone that even Singapore which is so tiny and without any natural resources has beaten this country economically and socially by more than 5 times after seperation. Why? Even when Malaysians go abroad, people there always compare Singapore and Malaysia and ask the same questions. How do we answer them? Singapore's success is largely because of the very hard working, enterprising and resilent Chinese there which consist of 75 % of their population. It is also because of the extremely fair education and job opportunities given by the Singapore government to all the races there. Additionally, all the three languages of the 3 major races there are accepted and recognized as official languages, so much so they can speak each other's langauge and interact socially and culturally in a very friendly, amiable and understanding way. It is because of a very fair and intellegent government there. Even China has advanced beyond recognition in just 30 years when the government there opened up. China gave everyone opportunities who wants to seek advancement, and see the results now. That giant country is now just behind United States, the only country in the world to overtake. Now China has beaten all the other countries in Europe, Japan and South Korea included and is now just touching United States from behind. Why is it so? Very simple. Hard work, resilence, determination to suceed, and opportunity given to the Chinese people there. They were a very determined race. So is India emerging. But with Malaysia we are taking backward steps and losing out to everybody in race relation, brains, education, technology, trade, economics, and everything else compared to all other countries. Even the Singapore Malays look down on the Malaysian Malays here, and remarked we have no backbone on our own, depending on government and UMNO to feed and fend them forever. We are losing face. Everyone there is looking down on us. When are we going to stand up to show to the world that Malays, Chinese and Indians are all one race, one proud and united race called Malaysians given equal opportunities in education, jobs and other previleges as citizens like in successful Singapore, Taiwan and China. When are we going to show to the world that Malays can learn to fish for themselves, and not depend on the Government and other tax-payers to feed them everyday for life. UMNO has to drastically change its Malay mindset to unite every citizen here before they can get the support of all the rakyat from all the races including the Malays. It is high time, high time indeed before this country sinks forever, else we will all lose out as Malaysians in everything and make ourselves a clown to the world, just because of one race pulling all of us down. We must not discrimate, but all stand united if we want the rakyat to support UMNO and component parties. Think for the future of the country, not just one race.



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