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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is Hillary Clinton Under The Thumb Of A Soon To Be Dictator USA

A small fry in the California state assembly, Chuck DeVore, can now dictate to the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom she can or cannot meet.

I can remember studying history in the 60's (now no longer a history lesson in Malaysia) that the United States revolved and truly function in a democratic system.

I can see the desperation of President Obama in running his country, which was once the most powerful country in this world and respected by world leaders across the globe. In order to maintain this position, the US had no choice but to sleep with dictatorship and authoritarian leaders who are willing to support his foreign policies.

Is this Chuck Devore sent by President Obama to dictate to the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not to meet up with the Opposition leaders during her trip to Malaysia. Is Chuck Devore paid to do this dirty job or a political assassin engaged by the present ruling government of Malaysia?

What this fellow Chuck Devore described of the Opposition leader may be true in a way but did he not see or hear the worst about the Prime Minister who is willing to shed blood in order to stay in power and maybe even genocide? There are so many baggages that this Prime Minister is carrying and I wonder why this Chuck fellow had not said a single word about it.

The Opposition leaders are fighting for democracy and freedom in Malaysia and it looks like this Chuck fellow under some directive from someone above to make sure that it does not happen so that the US had dominance over the weak Prime Minister and the country.

Will the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton play along with this kind of directive and turned her country into a dictatorship as well?

You can read another piece about this fellow Chuck at Chuck the blinkers and open the mind!

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