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Monday, October 18, 2010

Poll: Which Phrase Best Described Your Prime Minister

Your present unelected Prime Minister has hold office for 18 months now. You have seen his performances within and out of the country. He had met up with the world most powerful man, President Obama of the United States Of America.

He even gave a speech at the United Nation, spreading his wise wisdom on Islam, racism and terrorism. He had travelled to most part of the world, from Japan, China to the US and Europe, each time telling us how he was well received by world leaders and how Malaysia is now recognised as a good example for others to follow.

Back home his speeches and inaction's to wide spread racism and religious intolerance contradicted his overseas presentations to world leaders.

He had spoken about press freedom but journalists, writers, cartoonist (arrested) are being called in by the police for questioning and at the same time, party newspapers, books and cartoon are banned.

He talked to the mca Chinese telling them that they are Malaysians and not pendatang while at umno gatherings he talk about malay supremacy by asking such questions:
"I want to ask who were the ones who questioned Article 153 in the Constitution? Malay privileges; who questioned them?

Who caused the incident of not offering prayers for the well-being of the king? Who wanted Universiti Teknologi Mara to be opened to the non-Malays. Not Umno, but the other side," he said.

After 54 years of umno/bn rule, the only deed he can claimed was "the government had exempted about one million households from paying their electricity bill of RM20 and below". What other good deeds that umno/bn government had done that he cannot recalled but just that electricity bill. All his speeches were prepared ahead of time and I supposed they can provide more examples of umno/bn good deeds but failed.

What is so telling about his latest budget? Its 'neither here nor there' as described by Dr. Hsu at his forum blog. The budget claimed to be people oriented but do you feel or expect to benefit from this budget or rather an election budget whereby you are given 10 ringgit now but you will have to pay back 100 ringgit after the general election?

Lastly, his "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" rhetoric had failed miserably. He himself is playing the racial card to garner support, the people in general are no longer first and what do we see in performance now by the civil service including the pdrm, macc and judiciary.

I feel it is the right time to know exactly what you think about your Prime Minister. Please take the poll at the top.

Poll question:

Which Phrase Best Described Your Prime Minister

1) A world class leader

2) A leader for the people and love by the people

3) A weak leader but guided by authoritarian rule

4) Reasonable but flip flop leader

5) A leader that no one would like to have


  1. he's an idiot. doesn't deserve any vote

  2. Well he's not even getting my vote...not at all.

  3. What about a "clueless leader"?

  4. Only in Malaysia can a person with so many allegation against him and unanswered can be pm of Malaysia.

  5. a ladder not a leader.
    a ladder for Rosmah (the actual PM,why she need to attend the Budget in parliment and why our stupid TV cameras have to show her plastic face?)to climb to the top.

  6. 23 yers before,we swallowed all the odds,
    2003 onwards, we have a sleepy guy,
    now we have 1 that is worst.

  7. RM is the PM. NR is the 1st Man of Malaysia. RM has bigger b*lls than NR. And thats saying something.

  8. He is not a leader. He is a pest ruining our country in all aspects. He, UMNO and BN components people are all the same, to destroy our country but they themselves enriching their cronies and families at our expense. If anything bad happens to this country they will just fled. When this country recovers later on (if it may recover) then they will come back to do another round of lootings..... Only God can save us. Not even voters as the voting system is manipulated and rigged.

    God, please save us Malaysians.

  9. He is trying to play safe but doesn't know how. So he flip-flop. As a PM, he should act decisively, be it, against his own party members or not. If he plays fair, I don't think his grassroot members will go against him

  10. He is not fit to be a leader because not convey the actual message in and out of the country. Doesn't keep up to the promise. Why through out 53 years must BN rule the gov not given any chances for other parties to show their caliber or performance? Even a big country such as US has change their ruling parties whereas Malaysia is still with their same lame Party.

  11. Frankly Im saying our Prime Minister not a Leader for all walks of life. He is only so intrested in loot our country wealth for him and cronies and jeopardise the nation well being. A true leader for people always look ahead the future of country and leverage all ethnics needs in order to have a better life.

    Peace and harmony lover.

  12. What leader? He is more like a ship without a rudder. To me choice number 5 is too good for him. He thinks he was well received by people of many countries. I wonder how he will fair if he goes to Mongolia?

  13. Think it's time for us to change the government ruling party to see some progress.... Hope everyone is agrees.... This time should nominate someone who have some brains and humanity who can foresee the public interest and charity but not focus on their own pocket, relatives ect...

  14. The most lembek supposed-to-be-leader of Malaysians I have ever seen, teamed up with a wife whose glaring but undeserved "First Lady" ambitions only served to cast a very, VERY unflattering light on her ego-maniac nature. Najib is a burden I would not wish upon my enemy.

  15. i wouldn't call him a leader. i'd call him pond scum. much more appropriate.

  16. Najib should be kicked out ASAP.

  17. Quite literally he's laughing all the way to his brother's bank.

  18. 6. Not a leader, and don't deserve to be an MP.

    Sorry, can't vote, your choices are not comprehensive/accurate.

    The 'budget speech' was very misleading, also shows where his thoughts are - all over the place but not governing the country for the people (not a leader mah!). Nothing there to fix the problems for the people, but many fixes for the corporate. It's going to create another bubble for the property market (both residential & commercial), and bankrupt the country in the next few years.

    Never noticed Rosie's initials were RM, so that's why she sits on the piles of money at our treasury!! Damn!!! And she alone officially got Rm178 million for 2011 (just for Permata & renovation for the official residence).

  19. i am not sure he will be the pm after the next general election

    Two scenario,
    one he will be out of office because of evil umno

    two the evil umno will dumped him

  20. Malaysians are very gullible thats why they can allow a person with so much Baggages to sit on the highest Post of the country. Well like they say, " Some like to abuse and some like to be Abused " unfortunately Malaysians in general liked to be continuosly Abused. You all allowed him to sit there so don't moan about it or boot him out of Office if you all have the Balls.

  21. he does not deserved to be a leader. he is a thief, robbing the rakyats. he doesn't care for the rakyats. just vote him and his gang out comes next election.

  22. definately not leader material & dnu even look like one to start with.

  23. One last word from me to this vote article, I definitely said.... HE IS A LEADER THAT NOBODY OR EVEN NOBODY WANTS TO HAVE. Simple, from the day with Mongolian girl murdered incident with authority to use C4? Second, a flip flop PM that caused M'sia economy that turns into disaster. Third, this piece of cake that shared by NUMERO UNO, u know who, does not or even wants to give or share with Rakyat. Wakey wakey, cause if this continues, thanks to the voters that still in dreaming to vote BN, it's goodbye to M'sia.....

  24. How would I want a suspect murderer to be my leader? If he's not a MURDERER of Altantuya, he should clear his name first-- of course not by Malaysia jurisdiction but by international court, to be fair! -- before taking up being M'sia PM.
    Totally agree he does not have the leader material or the look!



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