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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dissolution Of Parliament For The 13th GE But Not The State Assemblies

Things are not looking good for the Prime Minister after presenting his 2011 budget. I wonder whether he walks through the budget with his consultants that prepared it or just simply read them without full understanding of it, in Parliament.

Take a look at the Prime Minister response to the great resistance of the 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak denied today that it was his idea to build the controversial 100-storey Warisan Merdeka tower in the heart of the capital, saying instead the project had been proposed by Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB).

There are so many flaws in this one sentence alone. Let me point them out to you.

a)How can he denied it when he already presented it in Parliament. It does not matter whose idea it was but as a leader he must be held responsible because he accepted it without any consultation with others. If he disagree with the proposal, why then he allocated a budget for it.

b)A project still under proposal means it has yet to be agreed or approved by the Government, so why allocate such a huge budget when the project may not be granted approval eventually. Thus, it means that the PM had accepted the proposal without consulting the public and his "People First" means nothing anymore.

c)Who owns Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB). This is what PNB is after paying a visit to it's website:

With fund under management totaling about RM150 billion, the PNB Group is the country's leading investment institution with a diversified portfolio of interests that include unit trusts, institution property trust, property management and asset management.

with it's board of trustees as follows:

YAB Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Hj. Abdul Razak

Deputy Chairman
YAB Tan Sri Dato' Haji Muhyiddin bin Mohd. Yassin

Y.B. Dato' Mustapa bin Mohamed

Y.B. Dato' Seri Haji Ahmad Husni bin Mohamad Hanadzlah

YABhg Tun Ahmad Sarji bin Abdul Hamid

You can read more details at PNB website here but be warned, many links do not work.

Is PNB government owned or is it a private entity?

If it is government owned why the PM denied that it was his idea, basically if it is government owned then the PM should be consulted first and the public should be informed about it. The PM is the one to object or approve the project.

If it is a private entity which looks more like it, why the hell should public fund be used. PNB should arrange for their own financing if they think their proposal to develop this 100-storey tower can benefit everyone and that in turn means they can make profit out of it.

How can the PM denied that this was not his idea when he is the chairman of the board of trustees. Was he not informed about the proposal long before they decide to allocate the budget for it?

Coming to the 13th General Election. My observation is that its a touch and go situation for umno/bn and the PM knows very well.

Three States are on shaky ground, Perak, Johor and Negri Sembilan and more State seats may be lost in Trengganu, Sabah and Sarawak.

Umno/bn spent millions upon millions at every general election and this 13th GE is gonna cost them much more then usual. They have plenty of money but may not be enough for this 13th GE.

Najib needs to seek a new mandate to strengthen his grip on power knowing that failing to do so will be his downfall. There is a figure within his own party maneuvering to take control over his position.

The surprise which the PM mentioned when asked about the 13th GE, not too long ago, will be that this 13th GE will be for Parliamentary seats only and together with Sarawak state election.

The remaining 12 State assemblies will not be dissolved to allow him to concentrate on just the Parliamentary seats with sufficient funds to ward off the opposition onslaught.


  1. when you google "not his idea" you will be amazed what comes out first from the search results.

  2. A man will die, but not his ideas.
    Joke of the day.

  3. Socrates frequently says his ideas are not his own, but his teachers'

  4. The simple solution to Malaysia's Economic Instability & the depleting FDIs is in the Hands of the Rakyat/Electorate of the 13GE!

    Since the inability & unacceptability of an UMNO Malays/BN Change in its Race-Based Policies which goes beyond what is clearly stated in Articles 8, 152 & 153 as enshrined in our Federal Constitution in respect Equal Opportunities & Rights for all Rakyat and the Special Protection, Rights & Privileges for Malays/Bumiputras..

    Then the ONLY available Option us for the Rakyat/Electorate to vote in the PR Coalition Front in the coming 13GE... and take over the Federal Government of Malaysia.

    This will result in confidence & support of the International Community, and the ensuing inflows of FDIs... the Nation's coffers & Monetary System will be flushed with foreign funds which will drive our sluggish economy for4ward with accelerating speed to catch up our neighbouring countries in ASEAN and make up for lost time!

    This Change is very necessary & important as the World Economy is set to turn around strongly just as we have this change of Government!

    With the Change, Malaysia can expect the next 5 to 10 years of ascending progress & prosperity.. and all Malaysians WILL BENEFIT!

  5. Najib can not be serious when Warisan Merdeka was not his idea. Is he trying to deny his responsibility as PM and chairman of PNB. Furthermore, PNB said the project was mooted to stimulate the economy. Whose responsibility is it to stimulate the economy, the finance minister or PNB?

  6. Another flip flop PM

  7. Actually Najib was speaking the truth. It wasn't his idea to build the 100-storey building. It was Rosmah's.

  8. Anonymous said...
    Actually Najib was speaking the truth. It wasn't his idea to build the 100-storey building. It was Rosmah's.

    OCTOBER 20, 2010 10:33 PM

    hahahahahahaha.....that's a good one, anon 20.10.2010 10:33pm

  9. Well, if it was not his idea, then why presented it to Parliament for adoption in the first place ? Najib as PM and Minsiter of Finance must be fully accountable and responsible for his the Budget in Parliament.

    One cannot take credits alone.

    A responsible PM must defend what he presented to the audience and not deflect it to a third party who is not there to state their case. What a lame excuse.

  10. We are audience, not an actor, we will know what to do when time comes......

  11. Such flip-flop is his characteristic. Remember his flip-flop on the sports-betting licence not too long ago? Vincent Tan is one very upset and angry man.

  12. I am still PM in waiting as I have been posting this a way out for the nation in dilemma.. Joshua Kong

  13. Clearly, mid life crisis.

  14. Dear Editor Malaysia for all

    I beg of you me to allow me some space to answer this chap who thinks he is right and all of us are wrong.

    Having accidentally read this rubbish on Malaysian Insider "Of political desperados, dingoes and demons" — Martin Jalleh
    March 25, 2011 I feel compelled to answer. MI and Jalleh would not allow my reply, so I am turning to a number of my favourites.

    So, Tun allow me this space

    Thank you in anticipation:

    Dear Martin Jalleh (or whatever your real name is)

    You have been a frustrated old agitator for years. Malaysia gave you a place to live in and a place to work, and shit in, and have turned into an old blungling old fool. You are the most ungrateful person I have ever seen.

    You have been trying to get the nonMalays to rise against the Government for some personal selfish reasons. You have metamorphosised into a fraught, canine devil as seen through your howling, cat-calls and vents.

    This piece of writing, (if one cal call it writing) is another crowning effort by this pendatang.
    One just cannot fathom why you are so myopic as to Anwar’s agenda. Anwar is leading the opposition for his own selfish reason, not for the people and country.
    You accuse of UMNO being a spin-doctor when we are dealing with one of the biggest one of all, you.
    Admittedly, we are ‘Bolehland’ AND PROUD OF IT, of what your original homeland of you, pendatang could not provide you, so you had to seek greener pastures. You have to get out of your syndrome of self-deception, delusion and denial.
    You are one who cannot accept the truth, especially of Anwar affairs.
    The laugh of the day, you top Tunku Abdul Aziz as a respected public figure when he is in your class. He is another old frustrated rant!

    Everything is a circus for you, when the fact remains that you are the Circus Ringmaster.
    You have been ranting, and raving all your life. If life is so bad in Bolehland, ever thought of moving on to your kind of heaven.
    Wake up man! It is not very strange that you are always right while everything around you is wrong? Everything and everybody around you in Malaysia is wrong except you!

    You are a disgrace to society and “your” kind of people you support, the posterior minded people.
    Your tantrums of temper, play up of your theatrics, your low-down threats and taunts and you meandering the truth, always comes to nought.

    You accuse others of being politically bankrupt when it is you reflecting a mirror image of yourself - Ever thought about it?

    You being the expert in all affairs give you zero credibility and credence - Ever thought about it?

    Learn to reflect!

  15. Raja Petra Kamuruddin

    To begin, Your Slogan to your blog “Source of Independent News” is but a laugh!!!! For your blog swears by The Most Lob-side news that is merely to promote you and your one-track mind

    In response to your claim that you did not accused and implicate Dato Najib and Rosmah with the killing of Altantuya;

    RPK, once and for all stop being a fake, you have been a phony all your life. You cannot be counted with the rest of your Malaysian, so you had to seek an attention seeking way out – write rubbish to get into the news.

    From your days at VI you have been troublesome. It was your father’s influence that saw to your admission at VI never on merit. Then when you became a misfit among the brighter students, you turned into a frenzied attention-seeking maniac. And you ran into trouble at every nook and corner at school.

    As an adult, your failure in life, again saw you turn into the same attention-seeking maniac. You began to hide behind the skirt of your wife to strike out al all others.

    Everyone was wrong in your eyes except the failed megalomaniac in you. The history of Malaysian was wrong, Independence of Malaysia was wrong, May 13th accounts was wrong, Tun Dr Mahathir was wrong, Abdullah Badawi was wrong and then, Dato Najib is wrong, only Raha Retra is the righ one.

    After having dragged Najib and Rosmah through the dirt now you come up that you never collaborated or character assinated by publishing degradotory article and printed false photographs of the PM.

    So you are not merely a fake and a bluff but a traitor! - A traitor is one who would abandon and ditch his sons and daughters and run away to safety to save his own neck. One who runs not wanting to fight another day but to criticize from afar! One who saves his soul to live in comfort when financed my some greedy jealous zealot.



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