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Saturday, October 16, 2010

1Budget + 1Tower + 1Legacy = 1Najib

The budget as a whole is going to sink the country faster. "Spending without Earning", just to gloss an overall scenic picture and claim a legacy.

"We need to cut subsidies or we will become bankrupt by 2019"

"We have not enough money for scholarship"


2011 budget

an integrated development project costing RM5 billion, which will include a 100-storey tower,
justification: "We need it because we can do it"

PM's residence gets RM65 mil facelift
Do you really need this facelift, can this RM65 mil be put into better use for the rakyat?

No toll hike on four PLUS highways for five years, says Najib
But did not tell the truth how much of the rakyat money will be used to compensate the highway robbers? Bear in mind that this compensation will use the rakyat's money "everyone" irrespective of whether you used the toll highway or not.

There are many other items in the budget that benefit not the rakyat but to those you know who. No point grumbling and shout about it. This is what you get from the government you elect.

This budget will get big applause from those who have interest and will gain something in one way or another. But a majority of the rakyat will not be too happy for these kind of short term gain just to garner for votes.
They give you 10 ringgit now but rob you of 100 ringgit later.


  1. you missed out 1lingerie

  2. Well.. Richard..what can we expect? It's ALI BABA and 40 THIEVES are at work sooner than expected. This is " Malaysia Boleh" man.

    So ..sad ....sighhhhhhhh

  3. Richard, I like you consider myself Malaysian First as well, I pray and hope we do not end up like Zimbabwe or Greece. Believe me my fellow Malaysian I've been to Africa (Nigeria) I've seen how greed and lust for power has destroyed Nigeria despite it's rich natural resource ie. oil!!! At least I know now I won't be alone when it is time to choose who next to vote!!!!

  4. It should be 101 , an auspicious number ...after all ONLY 1 storey more saja ma ( hope pm reads this ) !!

  5. ' are you 100% sure you can afford 5b ringgit !?'
    " YES, I'm 101% sure lah !!"

  6. Malays who support ARMNO = STOOPID no brainer

  7. A Tower to over shot the 100% loot of the legal thiefs of the country,minus 0% saving for the citizen in their Bank saving Book, good job, New Model for 1 Malaysia !

  8. ya Mister Loh, no toll hike for 5 years I dun care, no profit guarantee for 50 years then tat is better...then it will make me smile

    maybe the budget means, since we are sinking and I might be gone in the not too distant future, let me allocate first and think later

    my 2 cents on the 2011 B

  9. A primary school budget, precisely. Who prepared the budget, i dunno. 100 storey tower, PM's residence facelift, bankrupt the country. No toll hike for another five years when it should have been abolished long ago. Morons are Malaysians to believe the budget rhetoric. Bet my cock, 90% of it won't take shape.

  10. This budget is just try to squeeze more money away from our country, if the they lost in the coming GE their pocket are full and the new govt is going to suffer.
    So how are we going to stop this event to happen ?

  11. when NUMERO UNO has motion this budget on this table, already started to squeeze the rakyat money dried nice clean timetable. Wakey wakey,I take the samples of those unwanted/ unrented/ unsoldable/ crumbling building in many months/years in Ipoh towns only, it will tell you all the story, why they don't want to continue to run their businesses. Because it is not worth anymore. Not mention that, not anyone will still have faith to stay or run this show in Ipoh. It's show how detoriating it was day by day. Who's to blame? BN policy, of course.



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