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Saturday, October 2, 2010

PKR, DAP, Enough Is Enough, Fight All You Want & Let The Third Force Arises!

To Pakatan Rakyat leaders and elected representatives, please read through my blog postings and see how much I wanted change for Malaysia, relying on your promises and great efforts in wanting to march to Putra Jaya.

Political parties are trying to reach out to the fence sitters but PR is driving supporters to become fence sitters, how irony. I am almost up to my neck to become a graduated fence sitter even though I am a card carrying life member of DAP.

Pakatan Rakyat has yet to get into their heads that the 308 tsunami is not the love for PR but more towards hating the corrupt, arrogant and racist umno/bn.

Arrogant and power crazy had started to creep into PKR and DAP, thinking that they are sure to have the people support in the coming 13th GE to capture Putra Jaya. They are fighting for top positions assuming that they will have a place in the government once they capture Putra Jaya, this is what I called building castle in the air.

We can see so much infighting, arrogant and disgraceful happenings in PKR party election and yet their leaders are not doing anything at all, instead championing it as a "true democracy". There are several hot spots brewing in DAP but at least their leaders are trying to do something about it but why the needs for all these nonsense to occur in the first place.

Most of PR elected reps are still young and have many more years in their political life, why the hurry to fight for powerful positions? Work out some kind of solution to allow those young capable politicians to rotate and share power equally during their political life.

I had a conversation with Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament regarding the third force. At that time I was not really keen nor interested about the whole thing but with what is happening to PR especially PKR and DAP, I am about to look and study more on the third force.

Can PR or DAP blame me for that? If you do, I will show you all my middle finger because it is you all that drove me to make such a decision.

Even with what I had said above, my position is still the same, we must rid of the corrupt, arrogant and racist umno/bn in the coming 13th GE. PR, please do not misread me here that my strong support is still with you. If you all continue the infighting, power crazy and display your arrogant, I will go for the third force or just spoiled my vote.

You wanted the peoples support, make sure that you are sincere in working for the people and not for your self benefits. Be a gentleman, be the first to give way to your fellow members if things are getting hot. Let them take the lead if they think that they are that good to be a leader. The results of their performances, good or bad can be seen by all.

Lastly, can you give me one good reason why I should continue to fight for change alongside Pakatan Rakyat after seeing all the nonsense happening inside PR and that my effort will go to waste.

Do not tell me that it is the parties internal problems, because whatever PR does internally, it will reflect on the public opinion as well.


  1. In Bahasa M'sia "2 kali 5, sama sahaja" PKR leaderships problem with much arises and it could'nt stop until everybody knows leaderships weakness throught the main stream media. It's already happen. Then follow with DAP leadership tussle in Perak due to indifferences. I must say, please give M.Kula (DAP Ipoh Barat) a chance to voice out about leaderships problem and solutions to avoid much worst to come. Please, no Ngeh and Nga's thing. Work as a team and focus for the area they represents. Talk or argue is useless. Your job is to solve your areas you represents are important. Do example like Lim Guan Eng, he did it in Penang, though he is not perfect. Remember, we, the peoples of M'sia are still watching iether BN or PR's move. We also will think it twice to vote if there is reasons for us to do. Stop tussling and start working !! Or else I also think to vote the 3rd force if any. I'll vote this man/woman, whom he/she is able to do his/her jobs before entering the next GE. Not the short coming GE, then he/she is doing it to lure the voters to vote him/her. That's was BN style, that should'nt follows. It is called long term service and it is continuous so we will see he/she is really fit to represents us. That was a basic priority. About Putrajaya, try not to rush, as if the mistakes among them in the way middle, they will get a big dissapointment or it will be a big fall. In Cantonese "Ng Hou Kei Mong Kom Tai" (Don't put fat hopes for it). Basic advise. I'm Perakians.

  2. Hey,look at the mob's justice that descend on Tee Boon Hock and the Entire leadership watched as natural justice is torn to shreds.
    It is not just Perak,dap across the nation are suffering from hypocracy.

  3. DAP has always been lousy.

    Since the 1970's DAP has been under Lim Kit Siang's dictatorship.

    Everybody must do what Lim Kit Siang says or the guy will be facing the music.

    Everything must go according to Lim Kit Siang's plan or heads would roll.

    Untold number of talented (ex) DAP members were kicked out of the party for a simple reason - Lim Kit Siang don't like them.

    And when we think Lim Kit Siang is old and is about to retire, comes version 2 of Lim Kit Siang - his son, Lim Guan Eng.

    Like father, like son. Lim Guan Eng continue his father's legacy - in throwing out members who dare to voice disagreement.

    Mr. Lim Kit Siang was the ONE THING that has kept DAP marginalized and now Mr. Lim Guan Eng is doing everything he can to keep DAP as ridiculous as ever.

    Sorry, DAP, you will never get my support, as long as Lim & Son is still holding on to power.

  4. DAP Perak has always been a battleground between 2 main factions ever since 70s and 80s... Both factions are loyal to the party, and have maintain civility much of the time. Now that one faction can take another faction no more, and declare a fight to another faction. This is in my opinion not wrong... Yes it harms the "unity" but come on, the state delegates are soon to cast their votes in November to decide who to lead the state party for next two years, so why can't the factions put their issues on the table, and let the delegates to decide what are they going to do coming election?

    Remember that it is the members who ultimately decide the fate of the party leaders, if they are tyranny and snobbish, they will get their treatments... If they are cheating, their opponents will resist, and we get to see what really go on, and form our opinions...

    The most important thing is, do it healthily. Observe the principle and make it a policy/issue debate, instead of a cat-fight... Most countries or organization have democratic-based constitution, but some are more democratic than others, because of how they play the game...

  5. Its easy to talk from your lofty armchair as we, to comment from ours.

    But who what the F is the 3rd force ?

    Ya mean PKR 2 or DAP 4 ?

    You must be dreaming ! Solving the Pakatan problem no matter how difficult is easier than talking about the what who WTF 3rd force. Haris has always been dreaming since his bersih days and the Cloudy Parliament of his

  6. I was never in favor of creating a third force in Bolehland political many distractions! for those who believe the time was ripe to kick out UMNO-BN out of Putrajaya!...especially, we thought we have neutralized those BN friendly Frogs. It appears, History is repeating itself, personal interests and craze for power are the few distasteful signs surfacing in PR camp! what a blooming disgusting outcome when the rakyat have placed so much faith in these mud heads!
    What is the difference between an established prostitute and a soliciting night lady?

  7. I will only believe this Perak DAP fighting fiasco really happens if MP Kulasegaran says this directly from his mouth, or via his blog or his twitter. The rest of medias reported in Malaysia especially the so-called MCA newspaper is totally bullshit! (Only the advertisement can be trusted, and maybe sport sections)

  8. I too am really fed up of PR, DAP and PKR. May be it is time to support the third force and discard PR,DAP and PKR. They only interested in money, position and there is no difference between them and BN. We need party or people who are didicated for change, to eradicate corruption, neopotism and work for the people, stand by the people and representatives of the people and not those selfish greedy politicians who rear their heads just before the next GE.

  9. Come GE 13, if there is no change in PR, please sound the clarion call to spoil votes. I promise I will spoil my vote if everyone in the 3rd force is willing to do so.

  10. I agree, they should not argue, settle it once and for all. BUT are you saying that PR should let them have a "trial and error" if a person thinks he is qualified to take the position?



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