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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Najib, The More You Talk, The More You "Make Chinese Angry"

Najib, The More You Talk, The More You "Make Chinese Angry"

A very pathetic, insincere speech by the PM at the MCA general assembly "Chinese are Malaysians, not migrants, says PM" but sadly to the wrong crowd and community.

I thought after my posting Mr Prime Minister, Are You In The Somniloquy Mode?, the PM would have woken up, but no, he is still in the Somniloquy Mode.

Why the need to talk at a Chinese gathering or the MCA general assembly about things that need to be told to your own party umno, perkasa and Tun Mahathir?

The Chinese need not be told that they are Malaysians and not migrants. The Chinese know that, but those who resist this truth are from your umno party, perkasa and Tun Mahathir.


“There can be a big polemic on what is a fair society. A Malay leader’s definition of fair can be different than your definition of fair but eventually we must converge,” Najib said.

You said that, Mr. PM, not us, but when the non-Malays presented their definition of 'fair', your umno party members, perkasa and Tun Mahathir came out with their strong racist protests, made police reports, cited their own distorted version of the constitution and you did not say or do anything about it.

“It is a conventional wisdom and rational thinking that if the majority of a country has a very small percentage of the wealth, that is not equitable. I think MCA would also agree.

The MCA can agree with you but not the majority of Chinese Malaysians. This is the worst statement coming from a leader. How can the PM rationalize equity in such a manner? Wealth comes from hard work, sweat and blood. You cannot blame anyone if you want to be lazy or are waiting for handouts. You can be the majority but if you are not willing to put sincere effort into working hard and sweating for it, choosing instead to talk repeatedly about your rights and protection, wealth will always elude you. Mr. PM, trying to play with words and twist them is not going to help you at all.

“One officer made a racist remark, we take action. We don’t condone racism, I assure you. But proper investigation must be done with due process. But the issue has been amplified because of information communication technology,” he said.

To think you have the gall to say what you did above! May I ask what actions were taken. A mere slap on the wrist for bn supporters but jail term for the opposition? How long do you need to investigate clear cut cases involving racist remarks? Infinity for bn supporters and within days for the opposition?

Please do not blame the information communication technology or others for your failure to take action against your party members, perkasa, Tun Mahathir. This shows how fearful you are and what a retard of leader you are.

We are not taken in by all your sweet talk and no-action attitude. Unfortunately mca, gerakan, mic and bn other component parties are. After helming this country for nearly two years with your stupid slogan and rhetoric, do you think you have my vote? Think again.


  1. I am a 5th Generation 51 years old chinese and throw my lifemembership card to MCA few years back.

    Richard, you just voice how I feel.

    All sandiwara. The Chinese crowd do not need to be told that they are loyal citizen. Umno and the rest of the morons needed to. Najib should speak like this at the Umno General Assembly not at the MCA assembly.

    Najib should also remind Ahmad and Toyol that they are only 2G Malaysian and is disrupting the peace and harmony of Malaysia. My question is are they for real, Malaysian?

    To me, Najib is a useless PM! Using only the brain betw the legs

  2. Singhkris on MT said:
    "We hope the Chinese stay angry, infact get (more) angry, until UMNO is kicked ou(t) of power..."

    I beg to differ, we don't hope for the Chinese to stay angry, nor do we hope for them to get angrier.
    We hope for the Chinese to become more aware of the situation, anger makes us do irrational things, but awareness makes us do the RIGHT thing.

  3. Weellll done , Mr. loh.

    MCA, no more relevant

  4. there are 2 asso that the chinese IN Malaysia chinese can join now the Malaysian Chinese asso or MIGRANTS CHINESE ASSO .. MCA

    I agree with you 110%. You really hit the right nail on the head.Only the brainless and political eunuchs of MCA in the present line-up are selling their souls to the sweet talk of our flip-flop nature of PM Najib. Shame to all of you who are in the CWC.When are you nuts going to LEARN? MCA = MAINLY COWARDS ASSOCIATION.

  6. Comment #1
    //I am a 5th Generation 51 years old chinese and throw my lifemembership card to MCA few years back.//

    You idiot, you should had asked for a refund of all the years you wasted as a member of the mca. One year = RM100,000, so 20 years should get you RM2,000,000.

  7. I think ruling a country like Malaysia is very difficult. This is because of the vast differences in the variety of demands from each race. Reconciling these differences are no easy feat. Coupling with the racially skewed practices eschewed in the New Economic Policy, Malaysia faces a rough road ahead in trying to reconcile all the demands from various races. It is high time that all sensible Malaysians should sit down and do some serious soul searching so that the future generations can continue to enjoy the quality of life that their forefathers inherited. I stress 'inherited'. We should start asking ourselves what do we intend to leave behind for our future generations. A 'torn and tattered' one?

  8. I agree with you. Why tell the Chinese they are not Pendatangs. Say it in front of Perkasa, in front of DR. M, in front of the UMNO assembly. I dare you Najib!

    We, Chinese know very well we are not Pendatangs. If we are, so are the majority, if not all of the UMNO members. If perhaps we trace the lineage of Najib, Dr. M and Ibrahim Katak..they are indeed also Pendatangs. Can somebody do a research or investigation on them?

  9. As long as the Malays are weak and lazy , ( Not all ) and as long as Mamak kuuthi and Iblaharam babi around , they will make use of this so called malay rights and artical 153 to spoil Malaysi.

  10. I am an 8th generation Malaysian Baba. My family has been in this country longer than most of the politician's families like Mahathir, Syed Hamid Albar etc. If anyone has reason to be proud of being Malaysian, I should be.

    But unfortunately, I no longer am proud to be Malaysian. Back when the original NEP was implemented, I remember telling a friend something like, "Sure, the government should give the Malays added assistance but only to help them work for success, not give them the money and perks without any effort on their part. For example the govt can provide free tuition for Malay children who need it but when it comes to sitting for exams and awarding scholarships, then everyone must be assessed on merit. Then only the deserving Malays will be rewarded."

    But the way the country has been handled has been shameful. The elite Malays have been fattening themselves off the country's wealth until we have very little left.

    And for the last 2 years since Najib took over, there has been nothing but empty rhetoric without real action to combat racism and imbalance. So how can I be proud to be Malaysian anymore?

  11. Richard, you forget to mention 121(1a) which created the dual legal system in malaysia.under Mamak Kutty rule.This has created a lot of promblems to non muslims.

  12. the proof of the kuih muih is in the eating...why Najib administration has to hide behind the robe of tuan speaker when parliamentary questions relating to Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa are raised?

  13. To tell people the words they want to listen but acting oppositely ,is named POLITICS .

  14. Better have Chef Wan as leader. He always woks the talk!

  15. Sigh, unfortunately some "naive" people still living in the dreamland. If we awake em', they are firing fingers on us. So, in straight foward, be lazy and pampered. I'm already awoken from the events of 12th GE, that strange news brewing out the sky. So I'll find out more info's of why the incumbent MP's sitting in any areas for so long especially in Penang, is terribly lost to PR. So are we still feels like nothing these days? I'll prefer to vote for change. Some people still in the shallow minds. Example, to compare to S'pore, just a small comparisons only, he/she just shout like a keyboard warrior "if you like S'pore, just go there!! You are not deserve to live here!!" That why I leave them to continue to rant. Just a small comparison they cannot accept the reality. Come to view a bigger picture. Are we better than them? It's up yours cause I can't fill up your shoes.



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