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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is Khairy Hinting To Malaysians That Umno/BN Is Incompetent And Unfit To Govern?

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I rarely read what Khairy said in the news but this headline "Khairy: Pakatan incompetent, unfit to govern" from The Malaysian Insider, today, caught my eyes. I am happy to see that Khairy has finally given us, Malaysians, a hint that Umno/Bn is truly incompetence and unfit to govern any further comes the 13th GE. So, he is reminding us, Malaysians to vote wisely and chose the right people who can really govern this country with competency and integrity.

Now let us see what he said and how he tried to avoid speaking against Umno/Bn for their incompetency in governing. In green is the reported news and in red my comment.

Umno Youth Chief believes the current in-fighting between PAS, DAP and Party Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) proves that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is not fit to rule at the federal level.

He is telling us that when in-fighting happens between coalition parties at the State level, then the party is not fit to rule at the Federal level. Now, he is hinting to us that when in-fighting happens between coalition parties at the Federal level, then this party must be kicked out. There are so many in-fighting among the Umno/Bn coalitions parties over the years, so is Khairy hinting to us that they must not be allowed to govern any more?

Cracks in the loose coalition began to reappear when Selangor PAS Commissioner Datuk Dr Hasan Ali criticised the state’s select committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat) for “bullying public servants” during a recent public inquiry.

When Selcat start the public inquiry, claims were made that the public servants were bullied. If this kind of inquiry is term as bullying and disqualified the party to rule at Federal level, then Khairy must be hinting here again that, the death of Teoh Beng Hock at the MACC building while he is being a witness, Kunan's death under police custody during interrogation and the many other deaths upon their being under inquiry at the Federal level must be worsed and we must ensure that Umno/Bn must not be allow to govern again comes the 13th GE.

Hasan previously clashed with PR colleagues over the sale of beer at convenience outlets in Shah Alam, and a plan to empower mosque committee members and workers to police immoral activities in the state.

When this kind of religious matter happen, then the ruling party at State level is not fit to run at Federal level. Khairy, you must be very good at hinting. At the present, umno/bn is governing at Federal level. There are so many religious incidents under umno/bn federal rule, snatching of dead bodies, conversion issues, couples caught holding hands and embracing each other is a no no and many more...So, Khairy, you mean to tell us that this type of party is not fit to govern at federal level, well, we will take note of your advise and vote umno/bn out of the federal level.

“This is indiscipline of the highest order and I think if they cannot handle this indiscipline, inconsistency and, frankly speaking, this incompetence, I don’t think they are fit to be in the federal government,” he explained.

Well, well, well, Khairy, thanks again for hinting what you want us to do come the next GE. If PR is indiscipline in the highest order from what you mentioned, they are not fit to be in the federal government. We got it, my friend, umno/bn, the federal ruling government is much worst, total disregard of the rule of law by the judiciary, the pdrm, the macc and of cause from the ministers as well while corruptions are at the highest level and all these mean indiscipline of the highest order. Don't worry Khairy, we take your hint, come the next GE, we will make sure umno/bn is kick out.

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  1. KJ is young and inexperience, and only knows how to blow hot air. He is suffering from desperation and frustration. I don't think he is intelligent enough to play political game. He is an empty vessel makes noise. Dream BIG? He may have to wait forever.



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