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Monday, September 21, 2009

Incorrigible And Deceptive Umno/BN Leaders - 1

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Let us first take a look at the meaning of Incorrigible And Deceptive.

Incorrigible - Incapable of being corrected or amended, bad beyond correction or reform

Deceptive - Tending to deceive, having power to mislead or impress false opinion, misleading

Since Najib took over as the Prime Minister of Malaysia there are no shortages of miscalculated statements from his ministers and himself. Their statements reflect that they are either the incorrigible, deceptive leaders or both.

Read my earlier posting with regard to Najib's Raya message and you decide whether he is a corrigible or a deceptive leader or maybe both here.

After the "cow head" controversy which I described the home minister as a "Deceptive Leader", today, Home Minister Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein had given another statement regarding the leaking of classified Cabinet papers. Let us comb through his statement in italic and my query in green.

(The Star) PUTRAJAYA: Police investigations into the posting of classified Cabinet papers on the Internet will focus more on where the leak occurred rather than who was responsible for making them public, said Home Minister Datuk Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

He also warned that the police would even probe ministers if they were suspected to be involved.

Hishammuddin said since the papers were classified, the person responsible for the leak would have to be "someone on the inside" and as such would have to face action.

I agree with the home minister for taking such a swift action against whoever leak these classified papers. Since it is against the law to leak classified papers actions must be taken.
On another note, maybe this is not within his capacity, we have yet to hear the call for a full investigation on the questionable knowledge by the full cabinets on these classified papers proceeding.

He said the act of leaking the papers was serious as it jeopardised the government’s decisions on how to lead, manage and administer the country and it was something that could not be tolerated.

Such a statement must be from a "deceptive leader". I have to make the assumption that the home minister is talking about the PKFZ fiasco and not in general term. How can such a project like PKFZ, if known by the public jeopardise the government’s decisions on how to lead, manage and administer the country. Public funds were used and the public have every right to know. Other than matters that concern national security, the public have the right to know all the government’s decisions on how to lead, manage and administer the country.

“The papers were leaked before they were even discussed in cabinet and there is a possibility that they may not even have been discussed but leaking the papers has compromised the cabinet.

Truly a very "deceptive leader" trying to find a way out. These leaked papers were signed and dated 22 Jun 2007 and money were being paid, yet this "deceptive leader" is telling us that these papers were leaked before they were even discussed in cabinet. Is he trying to tell us, all along big sum of the public money are spend without cabinets approval?

“There is a reason why the Official Secrets Act (OSA) was created and all those within the Government have a responsibility to respect the law and the confidentiality of the documents.

A combination of a "Incorrigible and Deceptive leader". The OSA was created, to my understanding, is to ensure national security but any other papers pertaining to the use of public funds and the general welfare of the public should not be classified under the OSA. Well it is heartening to hear the minister telling us that the Government have a responsibility to respect the law, but do they really respect the law?

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