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Thursday, September 3, 2009

1Malaysia Blooper: "Cow Head" Home Minister Loves These Limelight

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Najib cannot distance himself from the actions of his ministers. He is the leader of the country and he appointed his ministers thus he must be responsible for their actions, good or bad, right or wrong, stupid or smart, cow head or pig head.

The home minister defending the "Cow Head" mob must be very pleased with himself for getting all the attention and limelight.

These are some interesting notes and comments from the rakyats response of the home minister in defending the indefensible.

Hishammuddin, you are an irresponsible Home Minister
They even stomped their feet on the cow head individually as well as a group and shouted, “ Xavier, this cow head is for you!” There is so much evidence to show that it was a pre planned event. There were enough witnesses to help the police if they wanted help. I feel the Minister has proven that his intelligence is very questionable which is probably not better than OTB. There is a saying that “Great people things alike”. In this case “ The dumb people also think alike” Read more.

Hishammuddin, Can You Stomach The Repercussions?
Hishammuddin Hussein, are you very sure of what you are doing? Do you have what it takes to live with the repercussions of the words you uttered today? You have better realise that you have set a very dangerous precedent today. Read more.

Pakatan wants Hishammuddin sacked
He noted that Hishammuddin had met with “a group who has no respect for other Malaysians and worse still, defends them, forgetting that he is the Minster of Internal Affairs of all Malaysians”.

“Can we now accept that anyone who is disrespectful of other Malaysians and is still under investigation, will be heard by the Minister himself,” the PKR man asked. Read more.

Cow’s Head, Pig’s Head, Chicken’s Head and next?
The demonstration with cow’s head after Muslims’ Friday prayers, which took place in Shah Alam on the 28 August, disturbed many people. As a Muslim I’m flabbergasted. In the eyes of non-Muslims surely there are million kinds of Muslims, while I continue to insist there is only one Islam. Read more.

Hishammuddin needs a reality check – The Malaysian Insider
If Barisan Nasional would like to know why a growing number of people are pessimistic and cycnical about the coalition, go no further than Umno’s Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

The Home Minister, who had said his grandfather Datuk Jaafar Onn’s dream of a united Malaysia is also his, needs to have his dreams checked. It could just turn out to be a Malaysian nightmare.

Today, he defended and justified last Friday’s cow-head protest after meeting with Malay-Muslim representatives of Shah Alam’s Section 23, saying the residents there felt victimised but did not want to stir racial emotions. Read more.

By P. Waythamoorthy, HINDRAF Chairman
HINDRAF is not surprised that the Home Minister is in full support of the group that paraded in public carrying a severed cow’s head and issuing seditious statements to incite and inflame racial discord.

The Home minister condones the residents’ action and rather plays politics by passing the buck to the Selangor government for their inability to resolve this matter.

Quote “If we don't give them room to voice their opinions, they have no choice but to protest” he says.

HINDRAF has been voicing and sending thousands of memorandums to the UMNO led BN government for resolutions, yet when we conduct peaceful rallies carrying posters, flowers and candles, our supporters are assaulted, charged and even detained under ISA.

Such a double standard and fascist attitude by the Home Minister only ascertains the fact that UMNO will never change its ways or even attempt to change for the betterment of the public but is rather more interested in maintaining its hegemony for those elite UMNO leaders and their “mandores” in their alliance against the public’s interests.

The continuous fascist attitude taken by the UMNO leaders as seen by the Home Minister’s endorsement of the inflammatory protest that took place on August 28, 2009 will only further aggravate and alienate the public further.

This kind of fascist act will clearly lead to an authoritarian government leaning towards a totalitarian state as opposed to the false democracy that is supposedly practiced in Malaysia.

HINDRAF urges MPs, their parties, NGO movements and the general public to come together and act in unity in ensuring that such provocative and inciting actions should not go undeterred for the fascist stand that the UMNO government had taken in this incident.

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