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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Incorrigible And Deceptive Umno/BN Leaders

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Singing different tune to different audiences are things of the past. Najib, who is now the PM is also umno's president, thinks that he can just win back voters with all his sloganeering of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". I am truly in support of his slogan if it is put into real actions but for now, sad to say, it is all hot air only.

A part of Najib's Raya message from TheMalaysianInsider
Datuk Seri Najib Razak appealed to Muslims and Malaysians to strengthen unity and discard suspicions among each other in his first Hari Raya Aidil Fitri message as prime minister while attacking “hate-mongers” for sowing ungratefulness among the people....In his message, the prime minister asked Malaysians to repair the current bridges of communications and to build new bridges of understanding. “Break the current fortresses of suspicions, hate and apathy for a better future for our children,” Najib said.

I am just wondering whether Najib understands what is unity. Unity can only works if each and everyone conform to a standard set of rules and abide by it. You cannot just ask a certain group of people to follow your unity program while at the same time allowing certain media and ministers to spew all kinds of racist and seditious remarks.

Does Najib really understand what he said, In his message, the prime minister asked Malaysians to repair the current bridges of communications and to build new bridges of understanding.

Communications are two way traffics. How can you expect the people to communicate with the authority when almost everything that the government does are under the OSA or the printing press act. Leaders tend to forget that they are the servants of the people once they attained the top leadership and will try their best, through any means to impose all kinds of illogical rulings that became a burden instead of easing it.

When you conveniently keep mum when a group of Malays dragged a cow head to the Selangor state secretariat to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple with the support of your home minister, how do you intend to proceed with your idea of building new bridges of understanding. This understanding also requires a two way traffic. You cannot expect all the time that the minority must always build the new bridges of understanding while allowing the majority to just burn it down.

I reproduce a few comments that responded to Najib's Raya message from TheMalaysianInsider

written by lingam, September 20, 2009
Najib should start in his own back yard. UMNO and Utusan Malaysia have been sowing racial discord pitting Malays against Non-Malays. Even Government institutions are branded by Utusan as Malay institutions under attack by non Malays. The cow head mongrels were encouraged by politicians and Najib's own nephew met and tried to justified their actions.

After 52 years of BN rule those in BN that sowed racial discord are indeed ungrateful to the Rakyat.

written by swipenter, September 20, 2009
Just a couple of days ago you hailed Utusan Melayu as defenders of the Malays when the racist articles they print are highly seditious and highly inflammatory, Today you ask us not to be suspicious of each other. What is your stand and how fluid is your 1Malaysia concept. You are talking differently when addressing Malaysians of different racial origins. You cannot expect us to understand your 1Malaysia concept when you yourself are spouting different meanings to it every now and then.

written by Sang Wira, September 20, 2009
Great message. But give it to the UMNO politicians, its members & Utusan Malaysia. The rakyat have already been practising it.

written by B.U.N., September 20, 2009
How can one be expected to discard suspicions when the PM himself does not speak in one tongue? To the rakyat in general he speaks of 1Malaysia but then he turns around and sings a different tune when he speaks to Utusan Malaysia.

There is no doubt that we all have a lot to be grateful for but we have even more to be grateful for if UMNOputras and their cronies would ensure that the nation is governed by law and order without fear and favour. We would have a lot more to be thankful for if they had not abused their powers and literally rob the nation. We only have to speak of the submarine deal in which Razak Baginda walked away with RM500 million, or of the PKFZ where well-connected individuals have walked away with billions. We would have a lot more to be thankful for if all that money had gone into providing better schools and universities for our children, better hospitals for all, better roads, better governance, etc., etc.

Whenever some informant comes out with truths about the abuse of power and corruption in high places you set the police after the informant and not those who have abused power and enriched themselves through corrupt practices. And you are telling us to discard suspicions?!

written by Greenbug, September 20, 2009
The PM should advise Utusan Malaysia for spreading the lies and fanning the hatred and racial flames but he praised the newspaper group instead. Now he blames others except himself and his colleagues? Sudahlah... he is not sincere at all and in a denial mode.

written by kumar, September 20, 2009
Lets do some soul searching here. There is no sincerity on the part of UMNO to unite all races. Just read the articles in Utusan that continues to incite racial hatred. It is only once in year during a festive season when all politicians call for unity. It is back to square one once the festivity ends. Malaysia is a blessed country. It is UMNO that is shredding the country to pieces. Our only hope is now only on ANwar and team to turn the country around. If they too betray us, that will be the saddest day

written by tom wong, September 20, 2009
I suspect Najib have two personalities sickness like the Jackel. With a flip of a coin he can be the other personality. Its proven in many recent published newspaper [I read both NST & STAR Newspp] on his speeches, totally contradicts one another as times goes by. Or may be he thought the Rakyat mudah lupa. Scarry. Prove me wrong ok.

written by antiracegoon, September 20, 2009
PM, I just mistrust you. You and and your UMNOputras/BNPUTRAS. Anyway you are not elected by the people of this country. Your are just appointed. Your own credentials are doubtful. The people of this country have no problem trusting each other. Until racist Utusan created all this mistrust with your support. But the people of this country are not going to be hookwinked by anyone of u. If u are true to yourself lets have the GE now. Then we know whether u have the support of the people.Until then stop all this unity talk.

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