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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bagan Pinang By Election, You Want Change ! Do Your Part

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The job of a PM is to run the country to the best of his ability and not on political basis and bias to opposition rule States. But Malaysia PM is not governing the country to become a developed country, instead he is more preoccupied in his plan to overthrow legitimate State Governments. He cannot wait for the next GE to fulfill his wishes and announced openly that he wanted Selangor back. With his sounding and taken as a command, his well trained lap dogs will go all out to create unruly scenes and commotions to disrupt the PR State Government from performing their elected duties.

After all these were carried out and with around 50 people blasting and cursing the PR Government, the PM then emerge and make this claim:

"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the state governments led by the opposition pact are seen to be questioned by the people, who were beginning to doubt their credibility in administrating the states concerned."

The sad thing about being a PM is that he has to listen to his advisers for feedback on the ground sentiments. Advisers usually will like to make the PM happy and they seldom tell the truth about what is going on and what the rakyat really want. See what happen to Badawi and 308, need I explain further!

308 for Malaysia and 308 for Japan. The Japanese had done it, so can we.

THE CHANGE for a better Malaysia is still on course and we must not allow any distraction cause by umno najib to dampen our spirit.

The Bagan Pinang by election is "God Send" to test our spirit and strength. If you want to be part of THE CHANGE you can do your small part by helping out in any way that you can. Read Haris's People's Parliament blog for more details.

If my health permit I should be there to join other bloggers to ensure the seat is won by PAS/PR or at least reduce umno's majority and that would be a win also as that was what umno claimed for Manek Urai.

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