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Monday, August 17, 2009

Permatang Pasir Nomination:15,000 From PAS, PR, Nik Aziz, Nizar, Photos, pictures

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Bank account: Public Bank (Sri Kembangan Branch) A/c No.: 3154 127 533

Update: Please watch this YouTube and you decide who provoke who.

Its being a long time since I travel in the early hour and this morning I got to cross the Penang bridge at 6:30am. Luckily my 15 years old honda cup can still carry me to and fro safely.

There were about 600 PAS supporters at the gathering point when I reach there at 7:30am. The DCM of Penang, MB of Selangor and Nizar were also there. The crowd slowly built up to about 2,000 at about 8:15am when the procession to the nomination center started.

When I started to walk back from the nomination center the supporters were everywhere throughout the entire 1.4KM, from the junction right to the nomination center.

I estimated the crowd to be approximately 15,000 to 20,000. I will let the following pictures, photos do the talking.

15 objections for BN candidate, all over ruled by the EC. The objection was under Section 94 (2) of the Legal Profession Act, 1976 provides that any “advocate and solicitor who has been guilty of any misconduct shall be liable to be struck off the Roll…”, please read the People's Parliament blog for a better understanding.

Final announcement, "A Straight Fight Between PAS And Umno"

These two Umno Puteri walk into the lion den and were booed as they walked back hurriedly.

The Bangsa Rakyat team took a wrong turn and make into the snake nest and they had to walk quite a distance before crossing the fence o enter the PR side. Due to the hot sun and long hour of waiting I forgot to snap a photo of the team. Anyway, you all should have known them by now, since their popularity after March 08.


You can see the umno bn supporters here.

Just check and saw that the Barisan Rakyat team had uploaded their reports as well,
Here, Here, and Here.

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  1. Richard, I spoke to Haris Ibrahim today. He will be coming to Permatang Pasir closer to 25 August as he is tied up in KL for the moment.

    Tentatively I've arranged to meet Haris to discuss about the SABM Penang chapter. May need your help on how to get to Summit Hotel.

    Will call you once Haris confirms he is in Pg.



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