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Monday, August 3, 2009

Anti ISA Rally 1st August: Najib's "People First Performance Now" Put Into Actions. Photos, Pictures, Videos.

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Bank account: Public Bank (Sri Kembangan Branch) A/c No.: 3154 127 533

The next day Star report on the front page:
"Street protest senseless move, says Prime Minister"
but if I am the PR(Public Relation) for the PM, this heading will be more appropriate:

"Keeping The ISA Is A Senseless Move"

There were few reports on the group marching from Central Market and the National Mosque. I was at the Central Market around 12:30pm and already the police and their trucks were already there plus a group of reporters. Not a big crowd, people walking here and there going on with their business. My thought was that there ain't going to be any rally after all.

Suddenly, a crowd gathered around the police truck and this was what happened. The arrest spree had begun. Within half an hour over 30 people were arrested.

The first group, 4 females and one male were arrested.

I am not local, so I cannot provide the names of the roads where I am at as I joined in the march.

At exactly 2:00pm I started to see people coming in groups walking towards the Pos office building.

This group coming out from the Central Market areas was only about 200 odd people. As we reach the main road, I saw a large group of people already walking towards Dartaran Merdeka. They are from the National Mosque area.

These were waiting for us besides the Selangor Club.

These group estimated at between 5,000 to 8,000 people did not realized that they were walking into a trap.

As we reach the Selangor Club, we were suddenly hit by salvos of tear gas, landing right into the groups. Everyone panic and started to run helter skelter. The tear gas canisters kept dropping down from the sky and I was overwhelmed by the gas. I could not open my eyes, my face burning and I had to squad beside the roadside parapet to overcome the stinging gas barring me from taking any further shots of the evil actions by the najib regime.

Feeling not satisfied with the tear gas, they move in their water canon and started to spray the chemically laced water onto the crowd. I was lucky, they miss me a couple of meters away but the fume itself causes some difficulty in breathing.

After about fifteen minutes they stop their actions and the people started to regrouped. They cannot move forward and they have to go back the way that we came not realizing that by now the police and fru had also block the road preventing them from going back the way that they came. They were trapped, the police move in on all sides preventing anyone from leaving the trap zone. I was slow in joining the group and seeing what the police were trying to do I took refuge at Dartaran Merdeka.

The water canon truck were seen moving towards the crowd and the fru getting ready to fire the tear gas. Then the "slaughter" begins. They keep on firing the tear gas and water jet the trapped people. These continues and you can see the people trying to break away but the police and fru keep pushing them back into the trap zone.

After half an hour they stopped, they stopped because they ran out of tear gas and the chemically laced water canon. The people then find ways to get out of the trap zone. During the inhumane attack an ambulance was seen entering the trap zone.

Half an hour later a helicopter landed at the dartaran merdeka field bringing in more tear gas canisters and chemical for the water canon. Luckily, most of the people had escaped from the trap zone. I overheard one of the fru leader command his subordinates to load up the weapons and get ready to move on to Sogo.

As I gathered back my strength and breathing normally, I started to walk back. Along the way, I can see those people that had been attacked and their sufferings. Other brave ones are heading towards Sogo where the non provoked attack by the fru and police had yet to end.

In conclusion, from my observation of the event live, the police had already put in place their plans. First, they must ensure that the crowds do not reach the Istana. Second, to prevent all the groups from merging together. Third, trap the people and bombard them with tear gas and spray chemically laced water onto them. Fourth, catch as many people as possible and fifth push the blame of what had happened onto the leaders of the oppositions.

One blogger had used mathematical calculations to estimate that over 100,000 people attended the Anti ISA peaceful rally. Go here for more details.

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  1. Thanks, Malaysia for All!

    That's a reasonable account of your experience.

    It gives a feeling of a peaceful march!

    The trouble is with the Police.



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