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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Najib, Be Sincere Just Tell Us Truthfully What You Want

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Najib, if you want the people to support you, just tell us what you want truthfully. You keep on telling the oppositions not to play politics but what we see everyday is umno bn taking the lead in politicking.

It is not shameful to tell us your desire, as every human has the desire for certain things. How one achieve his/her desire must be according to the law of the land and not by unscrupulous means.

On the foresight, you are spending millions of ringgit promoting your idealism of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" which you have till today yet to explain in details exactly what it meant. Many just like me will interpret it as "All Malaysians Are Equal, The Welfare Of The People Must Be Attended To First, All The Institutions Must Perform Their Duties Fairly, With Honesty And Integrity".

But on the hindsight, your dpm, ministers and your media are interpreting it as Malay First, the Malaysian Institutions are now Malay Institutions and your media are churning out piece after piece of racist and provocative articles. You did not raise one single voice to reprimand them and with your dpm supporting them, you totally lost your voice.

It is so obvious that the way macc keep on attacking at Pakatan Rakyat is to ensure their fall in the States that they govern. Please do not try to deny that. Your latest statement that macc is fair just because they are investigating one of the adun from Trengganu is so farce that nobody believe a word that you said. The macc is so reluctant to pursue the more revealing cases of corruptions, Khir Toyo, PKFZ and many top leaders that their reports must be gathering dust by now.

Just like any other death under custody, the public have no confidence at all that justice will be carry out on the death of Teoh Beng Hock. This case, just like any other cases will see the NFA stamp on the file very soon after the inquest.

Why want to create upheaval and tension among the people just to get what you want. Peaceful rallies were turned chaotic not by the protesters but by your pdrm and fru and you conveniently blame the protesters and the opposition leaders for the chaotic situations.

By trying to turn everything into a racial issue by umno and it's media, it will have a very big repercussion on you and your leadership.

If you want my support and vote, come clean and tell us exactly what you want, don't be shy. Let me start it for you since most likely you will not be telling us.

Umno must remain in power by whatever means.

I want to claim back the lost States by hook or by crook, it does not matter.

I want power, I love power.

I want money, I love money.

I want to see the total destruction of Pakatan Rakyat.

Divide and rule is the only way to remain in power.

I can give leeway to the non malay on my terms but they have no rights to ask for anything to ensure my supporters are happy.

My silence on the racist and provocative tone of my supporters mean consent given.

You can continue with the list if you have more.

For the sake of the country, for the sake of the rakyat, for the sake of umno bn just come clean and be sincere. Stop all the cosmetic changes just to improve your popularity, it will not last long.

I will be the first to support and vote for bn if you can perform your duty as a true leader of this country with integrity and honesty.
Act like a man, act like a true leader, with your power and will to make real changes. Clean up the institutions and ensure that they perform their duties with fairness, integrity and honesty. Rope in all those corrupt leaders of yours without fear or favor and open yourself for full investigations on any claim of misdeeds. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to be afraid off.

Najib, Be Sincere Just Tell Us Truthfully What You Want.

1 comment:

  1. Oh i think you left out:

    Prime Minister for life, abolish elections.



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