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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malaysia To Censor Malaysian Females Next??

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Malaysia is full of archaic laws which the umno controlled government deem necessary to maintain national security, but to the general public view, they need it more to control and remain in power.

Take the Internal Security Act (ISA) for example. The origin of the act is to fight and contain the communists in the sixties and later expanded to such a wide scope that one man, i.e the home minister can have the absolute unlimited power to arrest anyone under the ISA. I copied a paragraph which is better described from Art Harun's blog Articulations.

It applies to whatever and whomsoever the Home Minister feels is a threat to national security. Even national security is not defined. History would show that someone who had not done anything could be deemed a threat to national security under the ISA. Remember Teresa Kok? History would also show that the definition is so lax so much so that a woman could be arrested under the ISA to protect her own safety.

With the Police Act running side by side, all attempts by the public to repeal the ISA by holding peaceful rallies were met with brute force.

Does umno najib who is the PM really cares about you and me? By throwing a few tidbits here and there, showing his face on a preplanned meet the people sections during which he slammed the oppositions, which to him is not politicking but when the oppositions do likewise, its politicking. He called upon the people not to attend rallies and big gathering due to H1N1 as the reason but he himself is holding huge gatherings, the latest at Batu caves.

Flip flop after flip flop, inconsistent statements after inconsistent statements released by umno leaders to try and beat each other for the best KPI. The umno owned media, not to be left behind are churning out piece after piece of racist and provocative articles to please it's master, umno najib. Does umno najib really cares about you and me, dream on, he could not even bother if you are dead or alive, just like Teoh Beng Hock, Kunan, Guna, over the thousands who are now dead under custody and not forgetting the near twenty deaths of the NS trainees.

The latest humor from umno najib's brainless ministers:

The parents of SMK Seri Hartamas students in Kuala Lumpur were locked out of the school yesterday when the school’s Parent-Teacher Association wanted to hold a properly-convened extraordinary general meeting to retain the PPSMI policy on the teaching of of science and mathematics in English in their school in 2012.

By Lester Kong, The Star

The Government confirmed it has called for a tender for an Internet filtering system, but said it was only to block pornography.

Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said that the system was to reduce “Malaysian children’s exposure to online pornography.”

“We will attempt to put in this filtering system because the safety of our children from pornography cannot be compromised,” he told a press conference Friday.

Now, we come to the title of this post:

Malaysia To Censor Malaysian Females Next??

The Malaysian Government is always famous for locking you out (remember the Perak power grab) ban and censor anything that they cannot handle, resolve or face the truth and the rakyat.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has announced the reduction of the crime rate on the streets by 20 per cent in 2010 as one of the KPIs (key performance indicators) of the six National Key Results Areas (NKRA).

In order to meet the 20% target, I am sure some good ideas will be forthcoming from the home minister to fight the crime on the streets.

Let us take a look at the crimes in detail. Snatch thefts must be among the top followed by rapes and murders. Snatch theft victims are mostly female and needless to say, the victims of rape are largely female as well. Female can be the cause of murder cases due to jealousy between boyfriends, wife committing adultery and found out by husband and many other problems involving females.

The government cannot stop the increase of crime rates over the past ten years and what makes them think that they can now reduced the crime rate unless they start to lock, ban or censor something.

Since Malaysian females can be considered a major factor in causing all these crimes, the home minister should consider barring all females from coming out. They should stay at home at all times to take care of the children, parents, cooking and all the household works. This is to complement their eagerness to maintain archaic laws and we have one for them to keep, "Women in ancient China were barred from leaving their homes." This tradition was continued by the Malaysian Chinese females up till the late fifties.

Wa Lah, crime rate reduced by 20% or may even touch the 50% mark. What say you, home minister, dare to ban or censor Malaysian females by locking them up at home in order to reduce the crime rate?

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