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Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Vaccine Turns Disastrous, Unlucky Teoh Beng Hock Was It's First Victim.

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A new vaccine called "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" invented by the PM of Malaysia turn disastrous. The new vaccine was designed to bring the country of all races to come as one and boasting that the people (of equal standing for all Malaysians) will always be first with the Institutions performing their duties now without fear or favor and with honesty and integrity.

This new vaccine, sadly, was not tested for any side effects or a surety that it can cure the kind of sickness inflicted upon the rakyat for the past over 50 years of umno's rule. The vaccine was hastily introduced throughout the country without any description notes detailing how the vaccine is to be consumed.

As the promotion for the new vaccine hits the people and the Institutions, everyone was dumb folded for a moment not knowing what this vaccine is and how to use it. When the after shocked had finally settled down, people starts to apply the vaccine according to what they know base on each individual interpretation of it.

The worst affected are the Institutions and the PM's own party members and umno controlled media. They simple got out of control after taking the vaccine. Instead of uniting the people, they came out with all sorts of seditious racist reports, blaming others for insulting their religion and making all kinds of threats just to split the people apart. To top it better, the pm, who invented the vaccine and his dpm were supportive of what these people and media were doing.

When it comes to power, the pm forgets about the purpose of his vaccine. He is on the war path with Pakatan Rakyat and telling everyone that he wants to take over control of Selangor. He was successful with Perak, although many were questioning the way he grabbed power over Perak was legitimate and according to the rule of law.

The institutions under the pm control got the wrong signal after taking the vaccine and went berserk. An all out war was declared against the oppositions and to bring their downfall.

The pdrm and fru fire tear gas and chemically laced water upon unarmed, unprovoked peaceful rally calling for the repeal of the ISA. The vaccine must have done something wrong to their brain that they can carry out such a barbaric act against the people.

The vaccine must have also damaged the brain of the macc. Their job is to fight corruptions and to show their master that they are performing now, they got confused on their priority. Instead of going after all corruptions, big or small, they sense from their master indications of wanting to take over control of Selangor as their priority. Teoh Beng Hock became their first victim. He willingly accepted the macc call to go to their office as a witness but turns up dead. We are still waiting for an answer as to how he can die under macc custody. The pursue for any sign of corruptions against PR is still ongoing, irrespective whether there are any corruption or not does not matter to them. The vaccine had turn them into zombie following their master command. Corruptions involving multi millions and billions of ringgit were set aside and their reports just sat at their office gathering dust.

This vaccine invented by the pm has two uses, one is to convince the people that after taking this vaccine they will become one bangsa one Malaysia with equality and they must vote back umno bn to continue with this privilege. The other is to take over control of the institutions mind to wage war against any oppositions that threaten the pm and umno's position.

Are the people so naive to accept this kind of untested vaccine that instead of curing a sickness can kill you. We had taken quite a few vaccines produced by previous leaders and all of it were simply not effective to cure the sickness that are plaguing this country for so long. We just need to change these old guards who simple produce vaccine without testing for its safety or effectiveness.

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  1. Hi Richard,
    I suppose you will be going to Permatang Pasir and the Barisan Rakyat bloggers will be there. See you on nomination day.



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