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Friday, August 14, 2009

All Along They Wanted The Verdict Of Teoh Beng Hock's Death To Be Committed Suicide

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From the moment they discovered the dead body of Teoh Beng Hock, they had concluded that it be classified as "sudden death" and followed by an inquest to provide the conclusive verdict of "suicide".

All the signs and the way the investigations were carried out point towards a suicidal conclusion. The Government does not want speculation but the way the investigations were carried out is so unprofessional with no expertise shown at all.

The very first question still unanswered is, the body was discovered at about 1:30pm, why is it that only around 5pm to 6pm it is make known.

Initially it was stated that a cleaner found the body but at the inquest, a security personal was the one who found the body.

The police was quick to classified the case as "sudden death" with no foul play. Only on the second day did they mentioned that foul play is not rule out.

The police investigations were carried out without covering the angle of homicide. They called in all witnesses that had last contact or close to the deceased to find out the deceased behavior, trying to establish a suicidal intent.

Any right thinking person, after seeing the position of the deceased body, can safely conclude that the causes of death were either, commit suicide, accidental (can be by himself or help from someone) or homicide.

Earlier, Dr Khairul Aznam Ibrahim, a senior medical forensic expert had given the three most common causes as:

1. homicide: where the victim gets thrown or pushed out of a window from a high place;

2. accidental death: where the victim slips and accidentally plunges down while standing near an open window; and

3. suicide.

But why is there no complete investigation on the homicide cause. The medical expert were told by the police on where and how to conduct the autopsy leaving behind other evidences that may indicate homicide. Ain't the forensic expert independent, to conduct all aspects on the cause of death including homicide without any police instructions or interference?

Today inquest as reported by The Malaysian Insider:

But in Teoh's case, Dr Khairul said the existing evidence struck out the first theory as there were no clear signs pointing to a struggle before the death, based on the injuries found on the DAP political secretary's body and from the lack of evidence at the window area.

"In my opinion, the deceased jumped," he said, after Tan prompted him to give his expert conclusion on the most likely cause of death.

Why is Dr Khairul assuming that there must have signs pointing to a struggle only then can it be homicide. Can TBH be interrogated to an extend that he may had fainted or too weak to struggle when he was thrown out the window? Or he may had fainted and someone thought that he is dead, so they carried him and threw him down. In these cases it can still be homicide without any struggle, can it Dr Khairul?

The pathologist also said the DNA of unknown males was found on Teoh's belt and blazer, and this could have come from contamination on the autopsy table while his clothes were being removed.

If this was the case, why not take the DNA test from all the hospital staffs or whoever handled the deceased at the autopsy table to find out the truth. And I thought that any one inside the autopsy room must wear gloves or it is only in Malaysia that autopsy are carried out without wearing gloves?

We can safely speculate the outcome of the inquest don't we. You cover for me I cover for you. You scratch my back and I scratch your back. Malaysia or now 1Malaysia tentu BOLEH.


  1. Malaysians are much smarter today but some goondoos politician/Macc/police/utusan still think we are as goondoos as them. Everyone on the street know what is happening to our country.
    We really need a CHANGE coz it is INEVITABLE!! For the sake of our country, our wonderful people of all walks of life, our next generation, our pride as Malaysians. VOTE BN OUT AT LEAST ONCE SO THAT THE CIRCUIT OF CHANGE CAN BE ACTIVATED!!

  2. The triads probably killed him. He was about to expose his bosses wrongdoings and he was probably killed for it.

    Other than that, he really did accidently killed himself. Getting fresh air and ended up falling 14 storey high.



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