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Monday, September 13, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Umno/BN Must Go !

Umno/bn have ruled this country for far too long, 53 long years and we are getting worst in terms of everything. Please spend 10 minutes of your time to watch this video and fully understand why umno/bn has to go and help to spread this video.

13th GE Online Campaign:

Malaysia Needs A New Federal Government

Is It Difficult To Govern A Country?

"Wait And See First Lah"

Intolerable Umno/BN

Umno/BN Controlled Multi-Media Spin And Distortion

Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

Why Be Afraid Of PAS?

PR Needs To Put In Place A 2nd & 3rd Line Of Defence

1 comment:

  1. Do you want to know who the murdering lawyers of Datuk Sosilwati + 3 others + 5 more are ?

    1. Pathmanabhan a/l Nalliannen
    2. Surendren a/l Nalliannen

    Check it out at the Bar Council website under Disciplnary Orders for Nov 2009

    Justice 4 Victims of the Murdering Lawyers



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