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Friday, July 30, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

A seafront village full of hungry people wanting to eat various big fishes, sent out a fishing trawler to net some big fishes to fill their empty stomach. The trawler sailed out to sea, headed by the village chief together with a few experienced local fishermen. They cast the big net and trawled the big sea. After a few hours of trawling they started to pull in the net filled with different types of small and big fishes. As the fishes were flipping high and low, the fishermen gathered all the small fishes and threw them back to the sea, leaving the big fishes to be brought home for the villagers to be served as dinner. Upon reaching the village the big fishes were immediately cooked and consumed by the villagers while it is still fresh.

Big Fish Caught! The More Reason To Vote For Change

The umno/bn government promises the people, election after election, that they are fighting corruptions. They did kept their promises by sending out their best fishermen to cast the net and to bring in those who are corrupted. Yes, they are serious in fighting corruptions but all these while, people are wondering why the big fishes managed to slip through the net and what get caught are only the ikan bilis. A few unlucky big fishes may be netted due to their political fallout with their leaders or are placed inside the aquarium just for show and at the end of the day, these big fishes will not be cooked and served as dinner to the public. They either belly up in the water tank due to old age, sickness or "accidentally" flushed out when the water tank is in the process of cleaning and water changing.

The Najib administration is playing the same script but with different actors and adding some spices to make it taste better, as the PM knew by now what the people's taste are. The net is now more tightly guarded to ensure the big fish does not slipped out. The stage is set for a good show, to enlighten the public that the Najib's administration is serious in combating corruptions.

After the acting script is put in place, the leader goes for a long holiday letting his subordinates to carry out the dirty job. One day after he left for holiday, a real big fish was caught and at the same time, news of more big fishes will be caught, were leaked out. Many leaders from both side of the divide expressed "shocked" over the charged of this big fish but I am very sure in their hearts they knew that this big fish and those that are going to be caught soon will be put inside a beautiful water tank for display to the public but will not be served as dinner, while it is still fresh.

The fear of losing power has forced the ruling umno/bn to put up an "action movie" with no conclusion or ending, to placate the public outcry for action. This "action movie" has two parts, the first part is "ARRESTS & CHARGES" and the second part which you will never get to see is "CONVICTION & JAIL TERM".

Many were delighted to hear of the big fish being charged and many more big ones to come. We have seen such action played before by previous leaders and what is the outcome to this never ending "action movie"? The outcome will be "Found not guilty", "Gone to be with his maker", "Case closed due to insufficient evidence", "NFA", after umno/bn had won big in each general election.

There must be an ending to this "action movie" and we, the voters, must see to it that it ends with the second part "CONVICTION & JAIL TERM". As long as umno/bn is in power those big fishes caught will be swimming happily inside the beautiful water tank provided for them and you and I will be helpless to do anything. As long as you continue to give umno/bn the mandate to rule, they have the power to control the "action movie" without letting you view the second part and to take back whatever they had given to you after they had won the general election.

If you want to see the second part of the "action movie" with the big fishes being well cooked and served as your dinner, you must no longer "Wait And See First Lah" or hesitated to vote for a new Federal Government. Only with a new Federal Government will it be able to conclude this "action movie" with the second part revealed and served you the well cooked big fish dinner.

Between now and the 13th GE we must support and praise the umno/bn government for continuing their no ending "action movie" and keep on charging more big fishes. On the day of the 13th GE we will promise umno/bn that we will help them to conclude their never ending "action movie" by revealing the second part and cooked the big fish for dinner by voting in a NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

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  1. With due respect, it is high time you include the logo of SNAP who have joined Pakatan Rakyat.

    The folloy of most PR Supporters in West Malaysia, including PR Leaders is they tend to forget Sarawak's role especially in 2006 State Election.

    Maybe West Malaysian's ego?

    To recap, in 2006 SUPP lost most major urban seats and that was the prelude to March, 08 that West Malaysians are so proud of.

    No offence meant!

    When it comes to this Najib definitely is miles ahead in cementing the sentiments of Sarawakians and it is little wonder Sarawak and Sabah is BN Fixed Deposit as PR just do not have it to buy the hearts of majority of East Malaysians.

    Just go to Rural Sarawak and Sabah, you will see all the resentment when they refer West Malaysians as Orang Malaya.

    Start by making sure SNAP is very much of Pakatan Rakyat. Take down the logo mate and ensure you put one with 4 Parties, that is PAS, DAP, PKR and SNAP.

    Lim Kit Siang also needs reminding that Tsunami Started in Sarawak in 2006 and Pakatan Rakyat is now a coalition of 4 parties and no longer 3.

  2. Thank you anon 11:48am, will look into it.

  3. What to lose lah? Let a new government run the term and if no good, change them lah!! Sick and tired of the BN government playing the broken record for 53 years!!



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