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Saturday, August 21, 2010

13th General Election (13th GE) Online Campaign - PR Needs To Put In Place A 2nd & 3rd Line Of Defence

Pakatan Rakyat Needs To Put In Place A 2nd & 3rd Line Of Defence to ensure that the results of the 13th GE, at least, remain status quo.

"In the name of National Security", this one phrase need no further detailed explanation, evidence or proof that will allow the authority to simply locked you up under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

"Losing Power" is not inside umno/bn's vocabulary in any language, umno/bn being the present ruling government of Malaysia. The threat of losing power is for real in the coming 13th GE and they need to do something about it.

The Internal Security Act (ISA) was and is still a very powerful tool for umno/bn except that they have to circumvent their own promises not to use it against political foes.

They can and will use the ISA to ward off all the threats and the ever growing strength of Pakatan Rakyat from capturing Putra Jaya. Read this article from Malaysia Chronicle, Another Operasi Lalang? But will what worked in '87 work in 2010. To me, it will still work, some old script will be retained while some new script that will look justifiable for their action will be added.

Umno/bn is now desperate and they have to put into motion all the power that they are holding now to ensure that Pakatan Rakyat does not reach Putra Jaya. Right or wrong, legal or illegal, peace or chaos, it does not matter anymore as long as they can hold on to power.

When Najib took over as the Prime Minister, he quickly put in place a new platform to arouse voters sentiment on his sincerity to bring all the various races and religions together under his slogan "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now". On the surface, it seems to work but when he tried to get it off the ground and implement in stages the various programmes, all hell broke loose, not from the public but his own party leaders, members and some of their friendly malay NGOs.

And when they lost the Sibu Parliamentary seat in a by election, the real fear in them of losing out in the 13th GE started to show in the open. All nice talks, empty promises, throwing goodies here and there, slogans and rhetoric which used to work before are now scorned by the public.

So, what are they going to do, to stop the advance of Pakatan Rakyat into Putra Jaya? The last and most powerful tool is none other than using the race and religion cards.

They allowed their controlled media to stir all kinds of racial and religious issues while banning any pro-opposition books and newsletters that are detrimental to umno/bn. Even DJs and editors of radio and telivision stations were not spared for voicing against the wrong doing of the ruling government. They let lose the malay NGOs, like perkasa, and their own members to twist and turn anything that PR leaders said or implementing programmes under PR controlled States into racial and religious issues.

They are still the best in turning nothing into something or placing false accusations just to create frustration for PR leaders in the hope that they will retaliate in the wrong way and that is where the ISA will come into play. Two examples were the banner in Johor showing the picture of the Sultan and the name of Lim Guan Eng replacing the King in mosque sermon. They further their evil agenda with moves to allow teachers into politics whereby the practice of racism in schools by teachers and principles themselves are embolden.

They tried to use a milder form of intimidation, instigation and falsehood through the MACC and police, but it seems not to be working, so they have to dragged in the Sultan and King to arouse the malays sentiment, misinterpretation of articles from the constitution, NEP, ketuanan melayu and all things that are related to race and religion.

The old script that they used in 1987 just before operasi lallang '87 was the quarrel between mca and umno which is the same as what is happening now.

Why do I call for Pakatan Rakyat to put in place a 2nd and 3rd line of defence, is because, operasi lallang ll is visible and all PR top leaders and capable elected representatives love by the rakyat, who had spoken or retaliated against all the racial and religious issues perpetuated by umno/bn or malay NGOs will be hauled in.

These 2nd and 3rd line of defence are very crucial for the 13th GE should all of PR leaders be arrested under the ISA so that they can continue the fight even though capturing Putra Jaya may not be possible but at least to maintain status quo.

NGO freedom fighters, bloggers, academicians, alternate media, leaders of vocal groups and God knows who else will not be spared.

"All In The Name Of National Security" in which the innocents have to shoulder the blame for the insecurity created by umno/bn themselves.

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